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  1. I had the same problem on windows 8 with catalyst 12.9. I fixed it by uninstalling catalyst 12.9 and just using the stock windows 8 drivers. Everything works great now :D Edit: I guess it was only temporary. Things aren't working any more :(
  2. Yes, its been fixed two patches ago. ;)
  3. There are no such files, the SU-33 file uses older cmd format. Renaming The F-18.lom and f-18.skins are all you are required to do. :thumbup:
  4. Thanks for posting this you saved me lots of time! :worthy:
  5. I think all the markings are stored in nomera.tga and you would need to make a blank nomera.tga to remove them.
  6. I had the same problem and it's D-scyth's water mod which is causing it.
  7. Csmag

    Winter Su-27

    Awsome skin! i just had to make a signature with it!:icon_supe
  8. Never mind problem solved. :p :icon_jook
  9. tried all this doesnt seem to be working.:confused:
  10. When I uninstalled lockon 1.12 do do a fresh install of the game I ran into a problem: when I try to reinstall version 1.0 from its original cd I says I still need to uninstall the game so when I try to unistall the game from the cds autorun I get an error message: Even though I uninstalled the game my computer still tells me that it is installed and when i go to uninstall it I get the error message above^ can any one please help me?
  11. I could be crazy but are those new AH-1 models::icon_supe
  12. To fly all planes its pretty simple, just open the meinit.xml file with notepad and at wvery aircraft entry just change human cockpit=no to human cockpit=yes and that should do it for you.
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