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  1. A straight-in landing is a bit of a rush. However, the runway is not that narrow and at least it is nice and long. As for staying in the runway, as you round out, pick a cloud formation or terrain on the nose and use that for direction. All you then need to do is be aware of the edges of the runway on left and right. You might want to zoom back and get a wider picture during the last 200 ft or so.
  2. Same again. I get the invitation to join, but when I click on it I get a statement that the address is invalid. I am using an I-pad - I don’t know if that is anything to do with it.
  3. A few inputs before this one, Derammo gave 2 discord links to Capt Zeen’s and Derramo’s discord sites. I have never found discord easy to use, and I have had no more success using the 2 addresses given. I get an invitation to join, but when I click on it, I am told that the addresses are invalid. Can anyone help me?
  4. Scaley, thanks - I’ll give that a try.
  5. I have just stumbled across the continuation of this topic - it appears to have been hidden from me for some time, presumably because I very rarely sign in. Having re-found it I shall spend some time trawling through it for advice - I have never got on with Discord. But I am rambling again! I have been using Helios for some years, normally with Capt Zeen's (praised be his name) excellent profiles usually modified to suit my fancy. Unfortunately, over the years, my brain has not kept pace and I find myself having to seek advice. Basically I have screwed up my system by re-arranging my three monitors. But, Helios has rapped me over knuckles and has demanded that I re-realign my monitors. I seem to recall that, in the past, it was possible to do this by entering the required co-ordinates and sizes of the monitors directly, but I can no longer find how to do this. I have tried to correct my set-up by sliding the miniscule monitors in the currently provide Monitor layout, but this has proved unsuccessful. To come, finally, to the point, can anyone tell me how to align monitors with each other by typing in the know sizes and required positions of each of them? At the moment one is 2 pixels out of place and the other 11 pixels! Thanks for listening.
  6. As a general rule of thumb, I close the throttle as the nose comes down through the horizon. Unfortunately, in the Spit this doesn’t usually happen cleanly.
  7. A hammerhead is not the same s a stall-turn. As I understand it, a hammerhead is where, from the vertical, the ac pitches forward - all the hammerheads that I have done have been due to my incompetence, when trying to do a stall turn. In a stall-turn the aircraft should ‘cart-wheel’ to the chosen side, that is it yaws. In real life, you will normally need to apply a little forward stick pressure to stay in the vertical. The trick is to apply rudder shortly before the aircraft stops moving upwards so as to start it in the direction that you want to turn, and then use ailerons, in the natural sense, to stop the ‘high’ wing, which will be going faster that the other wing, from rolling the aircraft. As to being able to do them well in a Spitfire, I share your frustration. I have never done what I think to be a satisfactory one, in any DCS aircraft, despite many years of doing them for real in Chipmunk and the Jet Provost training aircraft. I suspect this is partly the lack of real feedback both to the body and from the controls. For example in real life, you need to keep a tight hold of both the stick and the rudder, to prevent any tail-slide from forcing any of the controls onto their stops.
  8. Le Cuvier, thanks a million - that was it! I had transferred changes I had made to the 'default.lua' in my A-10C to the A-10C". Usually I annotate all such changes that I have made so that I can find them later - for some reason I had not done so with this one and so did not think to check it. Thanks again.
  9. I have a switch which I use for the AAP Steer Up and Down. It works fine in A-10C. However, in A-10C -II, although I can program it, the switch in the cockpit does not move and the Steer Point is not altered. The Steer Point responds correctly to input from the HOTAS and the UFC on the screen and via Helios. I have got around the problem by assigning the UFC Up and Down switch to my hard-wired AAP switch. However, the switch displayed in the cockpit does not move. I suspect this is a bug.
  10. Sorry, I misread your post. Mine are mounted either side of my touch screen. I did originally try mounting them on the edge of the touch monitor, using just 3 bolts. However, they did interfere with the screen, unless they were spaced well in front, which led to parallax. In the end I left them without any visual inside their frames. I find them very useable that way, although I prefer to use the touch buttons on the main touch display.
  11. Is there any simple way of automatically starting TrackIR with different profiles for specific aircraft. So far as I can see, if you want different parameters for different aircraft (in my case to cater for HMD on the A-10C_2), you have to start TrackIR, enter it, set up the profile you want and then enter DCS. It would be simpler if the parameter could be auto-selected, according to the aircraft chosen. Or at least allow for multiple short-cuts on the Desk-top.
  12. Thanks, Yurgon, that is interesting that you don’t have a problem. Basically, I have set up Track-IR so that if I rotate my head by 20 degrees, the view moves by about 30 degrees. Thus if I need to look in my 5 o’ clock, I only have to turn my head by around 90 degrees. The problem seems to be that the HMD sight moves the same amount as my head. Thus the external view that I am seeing is at 5 o’clock, while my reticule is looking in my 3 o’clock, thus it is well to the left of my sight-line. I will take another look at my set-up.
  13. I recall seeing something about alignment between the Track-IR (with gearing), and the HMD look-direction previously in this forum. This is a problem I have been unable to solve. Basically by the time I turn my head so that I am looking at 90 degrees from heading, the HMD is only around 45 -60 degrees making it unusable. With my aging neck, I do need gearing on the Track-IR to be able to see over my shoulder. Does anyone know of a solution?
  14. I have run Helios for some years, and recently changed to 1.6. It runs fine with all of the standard Capt Zeen profiles that I use (A-10, F-16, F-18, etc). However, when I try to set up Capt Zeen's A-10C_II, it stops at DCS Monitor Setup with the first 5 viewports reported as provided 'DCS Additional Viewports', and then a warning and line which reads "The viewport data for this profile is out of date". When I click on the 'cog' symbol it throws up a tall thin page of data and then exits. It does exactly the same when I try to update the F-16 Ver 1.0 for Ver 1.1. Can anyone suggest a reason? I have attached the Helios print out for both A-10C and A-10C_II. I have reset my monitors, but I am not sure what is meant by the final line to of the second page below which tells me to 'Configure DCS Monitor Setup'.
  15. I have mounted mine on MDF with no hardship. I use M4 screw in fasteners. I also drill a small hole immediately below the centre of the lower edge, to take the connection cable.
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