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  1. That's why I thought the advice was maybe back to front.
  2. That's why I thought it odd that turning right would be easier. Practice, practice, practice....
  3. Possible work around solution. Use Voiceattack software to depress and hold the full wheel brakes key on a "Chocks In" command, and release on a "Chocks Out" command. Just an idea... Or ED could just fix it.
  4. The updated radio comms will really help with immersion. And bomb fusing will be great to have at last. Looking forward to these improvements.
  5. This is what made me curious about the stage at which the WW2 project is considered completed, because if the 262 is not on the near horizon, then when does ED want to fulfil the rest of the rewards. I know there are a fair few of us who pledged some of the higher amounts. Not a big deal, just wondering if ED could clarify things a bit. Don't know if the support team could have much say on this, might be worth a try though. Cheers, Scream.
  6. I'll add my vote for this. +1 This is an important issue, like the laser accurate flak. Things like this prevent you from playing these excellent campaigns as they should be. I hope there is a degree of priority given to sorting out some of these basic DCS WW2 issues.
  7. Ahh... that does make things clearer. Adding the extra commands works well. Thanks LeCuvier. Now if they could just do something about the altimeter. It would be great if there was a JSGME ready pack of extra commands for the Spitfire, that would be happy days.
  8. I did the same, update and repair to 2.7.9, set the altimeter values to 0.1 and -0.1. Nope,nada,nil,zilch. Altimeter doesn't work. Set the values in both files, joystick and keyboard. Strange thing is that it used to work a long time ago, then just stopped. I'm not doing anything different to what I used to. The weird, wacky and wonderful world of DCS.
  9. I've tried changing the values for the gunsight base and range as well as the altimeter. Tried 0.1 and 0.2. Just results in that particular control no longer working. Do I need to adjust the values in the keyboard folder as well, to match the joystick folder. I'll have another try this weekend.
  10. Changing the values in the default lua file no longer appears to work either. Any changes just seem to stop the selected instrument working, they no longer register any change. Any other options left?
  11. For some bizarre reason I'm finding it easier to go left rather than right. I may have to revise what I'm doing in that case.....
  12. I have a vague recollection that the remainder of the backers rewards(caps,shirts,modules,etc) were going to be given out at the completion of the DCS WW2 project. As we already have an extra map and two extra aircraft at what stage would ED consider the project complete? Just curious. Hopefully, in the not to distant future, for as the years go by, so does the shirt size get bigger. Would the ME 262 release be the stage at which these remaining rewards would be fulfilled? Cheers, Scream.
  13. Sorry Boo.......looks like I've re-opened a can of worms....hmm, they are tasty though.
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