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  1. I'm afraid I don't quite understand you. I'm sorry.
  2. I don't think low voltage can harm the motors in this case. Try as low as your power supply unit can offer.
  3. Yes, the new motors provide stronger vibration feeling but they start to run more abruptly which makes them harder to control at low values. From one hand, you can make the vibration softer. First of all you can use Low - High dial at the remote control. By default it's disabled for USB mode, you can enable it via Gametrix Control Panel software. If that's not enough, you can use reduced voltage power supply. For example. I use 9 Volts instead of 12 Volts with Robiton SN 1000 S universal power supply unit. It would make the motors behavior close to the motors used by Gametrix. If that's still not enough we could arrange motor replacement with weaker motors. From the other hand, I realize that you'd rather prefer to keep vibration strength high for most of the effects, but reduce the vibration level for a few selected effects like engine humming for example. I think a good approach to try would be reducing number of the motors engaged into those selected effects. For instance we could edit correspondent .uwv files so engine effect engaged just 2 motors located in the kidney area. I assume the overall vibration feeling would be essentially reduced for those effects. If that's fine with you we could make some adjustments and tests.
  4. Hi, I think that's easy to fix. Update the SimShaker for Aviators software to get F-14A supported. Please refer to this thread https://forum.dcs.world/topic/147495-official-simshaker-for-aviators/ I'm not a guy who develops SimShaker for Aviators. It's by f4l0.
  5. I've got the product, I've got the spare parts. But how do you pay me? PayPal, Visa, MC don't work in Russia any more.
  6. If you address the question to me, I don't have the diagram. I'm sorry.
  7. Hi, please read here https://forum.dcs.world/topic/120869-simshaker-for-dcs-world-sound-mode-expansion-discussion/page/67/#comment-4858080
  8. Hi peachmonkey, I think you could try to debug it having just this effect enabled. You can see the commands issued by the SSA to the SSM in the SSA log (in its GUI window or in the file). There is also a DCS Debug View in the SSA menu.
  9. The APU effect is not working in the Apache as f4l0 wrote in the SSA release notes. So, you can't tell it just by the APU effect. I'm sorry.
  10. Hi Nephilim, I don't know for sure. Maybe they think the Mono mode is not required any more. I use Asus Xonar DGX sound card in my system.
  11. Hi, I think the implementation will basically stay the same. That's enough to log in to Windows using a Microsoft account once. Even if you buy a new PC. Using that option you are not tied to my ability to reply you.
  12. Hey, SoundBlasterZ doesn't support the mono mode. If you wouldn't like to use another sound card, I think you could try a workaround. 1) Install asio4all driver as described in the User Guide https://simshaker.com/guides/sound 2) Open Soundmodule.cfg file for editing and set Enable_ASIO_Audio Value="True" and Selected_Max_Audio_Channels Number="1" (refer to my picture attached) 3) Run the SimShaker Sound Module and follow the recommendations about asio4all driver setup in the User Guide https://simshaker.com/guides/sound#asio4all 4) Share the result with us. Good luck!
  13. Thank you for the feedback. What is the link you use?
  14. HI Martinbulldog, Please refer to this thread I'm not a guy who develops SimShaker for Aviators. It's by f4l0.
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