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  1. Thanks, still having problems though. Still having this problem: I am running Voice Attack as admin and I am still getting the 10:32:19 PM - Unable to get value from URI - Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOM\Tools\TEMP\options.l ua' and mission.lua They are not being generated. I am saying "Start Mission" at the beginning of the mission; not clicking fly now. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. Help Please I am running Voice Attack as admin and I am still getting the 10:32:19 PM - Unable to get value from URI - Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOM\Tools\TEMP\options.lua' and mission.lua They are not being generated. I am saying "Start Mission" at the beginning of the mission; not clicking fly now. Also, I see from a post in here that the chatter volume is set to 3; no wonder I never heard it after saying chatter. Is there a way to globally set the chatter volumes higher, or do I have to do a "replace all" to set all the chatter volumes?
  3. As I stated in the 4th post, it is realtek audio built in to the motherboard. I just want to know what other people are using for their audio sampling rates to see if it is different from my settings.
  4. BUMP Could I please get a reply on this from the developers, or anyone who really knows? I am still having audio problems (popping sounds). What should the audio sampling rate be set to???
  5. Haven't tried any other settings, wanted to know what other people are using before changing mine. No external / soundcard- realtek audio built in to motherboard.
  6. Got it working I got it working by putting the saitek.dll (32 bit) in the lua32 clib folder and putting the gauges in the saitek direct output folder (which you do not say to do anywhere); I looked at the lua and saw it looking for the gauges in that folder. The huey gauges are not all working- 1: the fuel pressure gauge is just a blank black screen 2: adi is not accurate to the cockpit adi 3: altimeter (pilot) is not working - needles not moving 4: HSI radio compass is not working - not turning, needles not moving 5: gas producer rpm has no needles. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this great project, just looking at all of the code you have done makes me dizzy. If possible, could you make a list of all the gauges for all of the aircraft that are supposedly working 100%, and ones that are still a work in progress; that would help us a lot in reporting bugs to you.
  7. Gauges for FIP not working, help please. I am not able to get any gauges for the FIP working, please help. I have followed the instructions at http://wiki.super-hornet.com/dcs-world-saitek to the letter, installing lua for windows, deleting all files below the 7zip.dll, copying the 64 bit dlls where the deleted files were, copying saitek.dll (64 bit) into the clibs folder, installing lua for windows 32 bit, copying saitek.dll (64 bit) into the DCS bin folder (and all mods/aircraft/.../bin folders to be sure), copying the Export.lua, saiteka10c; ka50; p51; uh1h lua files into users/me/saved games/dcs/scripts. When I double click on any of the Directoutput A10; Huey; KA50; p51.lua files, a black "cmd.exe" type window appears for a split second then disappears. When I start a mission with any aircraft, I am not getting any gauges appearing on the FIP; only the saitek products cycling display; pressing the up / down switches that usually cycle between different gauges does nothing. If I have not installed / setup or missed something, please inform me of what I need to do to get gauges on the FIP to work. The first time I double clicked on Directoutput Huey.lua, it opened it with Lua Console Standalone Interpreter (.exe) and defaulted to opening with this application; is this correct? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated, great work on getting the FIP to work with DCS. Could you please also link / point me to the newest scripts, gauges, tutorials and anything else I need to get this to work please.
  8. First off, congratulations on making such an excellent handling aircraft, it flies beautifully and looks fantastic in both the internal cockpit view and all external views. I have found a few problems though, and I hope this thread can help you improve some things on this aircraft. Here is a list of bugs I have found, I am aware that there are some fixes for them (eg: pitch trim): 1: trim pitch - not able to bind to joystick buttons (I am aware of the fix for this) 2: many bindings for joystick not available to bind in the options / controls menu: autopilot altitude hold, comms menu, gpu connection, toggle mirrors, all trims(I am aware of the fix for this), wheel brake. 3: many switches in the cockpit do not exist at all in the options / controls menu: vertical gyro Fast Erect switch, all lighting and all radio switches, dials and rotaries; probably more that I have not found, please include ALL switches, dials and rotaries in the options / controls menu so we are able to bind them to our joystick buttons- I have 4 hotas setups: Logitech G940, Saitek X-55 Rhino, Saitek X-65F and Saitek X52; the X-55 Rhino has a total of 8 axes, 28 buttons / switches and 5 POV / Hats, as well as a 3 mode dial to triple the number of bindings available, i would like to be able to fully implement my hotas systems to be able to bind ALL axes, switches, dial and rotaries in this aircraft as I am able to do with all other DCS Aircraft ( I own all currently available modules) 4: I have the toe brakes left and right bound to the toe brakes on my rudder pedals and they seem to do very little; ie: no differential braking and when both are fully depressed, very little braking (compared to holding down W for wheel brakes) 5: show controls indicator (RCtrl + Enter) does not work / appear; found this out when trying to see what is going on with the toe brakes / wheel brakes issue #4. 6: no comms menu (I know this is a work in progress); and when I do bind a key to the comms menu and tried to use it, it does the gpu connect / disconnect - weird! Now my wishlist / feature request: 1: Please add all trims to be able to bind to an axis as well as buttons 2: Please add all dials and rotaries to be able to bind to an axis - so handy to be able to turn a dial on my hotas to control dials in the aircraft instead of mousing over and scroll wheeling. 3: Please add on / off controls as well as toggle: eg: Landing Gear Up / Down as well as Toggle. I like to have the landing gear up / down bound to either an up / down switch on my hotas, or to the gear up / gear down lever on my Saitek Switch Panel (which I am able to emulate keystrokes with for all switches, gear lever and magneto rotary)
  9. What should my audio sample rate setting be? Currently I have it set to 24 bit 44100 Hz and I am getting "popping" noises at the main menu, no music on. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  10. Is HawgTouch usable for aircraft besides the A-10 Warthog? I would like to use it with the new Fw 190 D-9 module.
  11. How do I recompile? Thank you for your quick reply, I can comment/uncomment the parts you showed me, but how do I recompile? Like I said, I have no programming knowledge :helpsmilie:
  12. Thank you for your replies, I am sorry to hear that you are so busy with life that you do not have the time to play DCS. I hate to be a bother, but it seems that any keystrokes I have mapped that have LWIN or RWIN in them are not being recognized by DCS; in both api modes and any amount of timings. I am flying the new Fw 190 D-9, which has default mappings of LWIN and RWIN in a lot of its electrical system. For now, I have remapped all the commands with LWIN and RWIN in them to alternate mappings without LWIN and RWIN in them and your applications works great like that. I am pretty sure I have the newest version of you application installed, is there a way I can check that? I don't see a version number anywhere within the application. If you have the time, please look into this issue (the LWIN/RWIN problem). I will include my .pup bindings file for you to take a look at (the old one with LWIN and RWIN in them). Saitek_PZ55_bindings.zip
  13. Another question: Is it possible for this emulator to hold the key down when the switch is activated then release the key when the switch is changed. I am trying to incorporate the start on the magneto dial for the starter for the Fw 109 D-9, which requires the starter key (home) to be held down for a while.
  14. I am having some problems with this application. The radio panel is not responding properly. I am trying to test it in notepad and the only response I am getting is when I turn the top small tuner dial, I get the windows "default beep" sound. Also, when the startup.bat is running the cmd.exe window, it is interfering with my install of the switch panel gui/keystroke emulator: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=118988 Some of the switches work, some don't and there is a huge lag between inputs. How can I run only the radio panel portion of this application only? I am guessing an edit of the startup.bat would do this, but I have no programming knowledge and would really appreciate some help with this.
  15. Thank you guys so much for making this great application, Saitek does not support these products properly and it is people like you who are brilliant and ingenious to fill the gap so people like me who have no programming knowledge at all are able to use these devices. I already installed the drivers and stuff for the switch panel, and it works great; from this post: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=118988 and now I would like to install what you guys have made for the radio panel only, so it doesn't mess up my install of the switch panel; which is working perfectly. Could you please tell me how to install this for the radio panel only please? I read in the readme: "To edit shortcuts, the Main.java file needs to be edited. The key bindings are at the end of the file. Recommended NetBeans for editing them (automatic code folding specified inside)." Editing the keys.properties file with notepad will not work?
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