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  1. Hi, in the hope it can be useful also to other people, I link over my script that I use to keep watch on warehouse usage: https://github.com/raffaeleragni/dcs-scripts/blob/master/ammowatcher.lua Not everything is detectable by dcs design, only ammo and fuel is. For fuel you will need to complete the section of vehicle tank size if it's not already in there, in the definition inside. Prints it out in the logs when mission is over.
  2. Well, at least this gives me a better chance to organize my plans with squadron members on what's going to be available more or less in which order. I also think it's only fair that the 18 is getting finished first before pushing work into new modules that came after. I hope though that labeling something 'out of early access' is not an attempt to consider it finished, and taking advantage of such 'formal' state, when finished is actually not.
  3. (found an alternative solution)
  4. Hi there, I am trying to develop some tool that integrates integrate on mission creation. In order to do that I'll need to place units via the x/y coordinates, but all I have in my side are lat/lon. I have already been searching this for days: the only thing I found is coords.xxx method but those run only inside the sim. I even looked where that function is actually implemented, but I can't figure out exactly what is doing, my assumption is that it's using the terrain library too. I assumed later it's gonna be a different function for every map. I noticed there is a stretch+rotation for the LL lines in the map, right now I'm looking at the caucasus, maybe is enough if I calculate that somehow, the work seems tedious tho. Is the x/y always a distance in meters float? If so it could help a bit at least, because in such case I only need to take care of the rotation and not of the stretch, because I would use some known formula for earth-distance calculations.
  5. Actually I noticed this since months myself, always thought it was some bug or missing implementation that I needed to wait to be done... Not sure why but yes it happens in very close range if you acquire (without approaching from afar). Especially with HMD boresight lock.
  6. This behavior is a problem actually for other reasons too. Try to use a laser maverick from a slaved position on tgp when you have to lase. You are forced to undesignate or the mav won't work. Same with IR mav actually as you have to point the thing on it.
  7. Even when the MAV is deselected afterwards? Because sometimes that also happens. Unless this post meant only when MAV is also selected.
  8. Is it possible now to do it? To manipulate airfield inventory via scripting I mean.
  9. I would've thought the MSI bug (viewing only radar touched contact instead of all DL given ones) could have been addressed at least... oh well.
  10. The doppler effect is what I meant
  11. Should not A/G radar spot immediately moving columns, in the moving target submode? Because of the pulse-doppler and all.
  12. Still happening. On multiplayer Current version OB as of 25.06.2019 ( Spawn on stennis, carrier is not moving. Rearm/refuel, feeling that weight kick as usual. Take off, go land to an airfield. When I come to a full stop, I bounce up, fall down, explode. There are situations when that not happens, I believe when I do not rearm, but can't remember all occasions now, going to try a bit (needs multiplayer situation so it's not easy to produce in single)
  13. FPS BEFORE (stable): 36 AFTER (OB): 36 No change whatsoever. Specs System MOBO: ASUS TUF X390 CPU: Core i9-9900K @ 5ghz, liquid RAM: 32GB @ 21330mhz Video:GeForce RTX 2080 (NOT ti) VR: Pimax 5K+ Using steamVR+PiTool SteamVR resolution: 50% (3772x2328) Nvida driver V430.86 + Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames at 3 PiTool: V1.0.1.132 Firmware: V2.1.255.212 Lighthouse tracking: ON Hidden Area Mask: ON Render Quality: 1.25 Smart Smoothing: ON Fixed Foveated Rendering: ON Parallel projections: OFF Vive Only Game: ON Field of view: LARGE Refresh rate: 72 HZ DCS options options = { ["VR"] = { ["box_mouse_cursor"] = true, ["custom_IPD"] = "68", ["custom_IPD_enable"] = false, ["enable"] = true, ["hand_controllers"] = true, ["pixel_density"] = 1.5, ["prefer_built_in_audio"] = false, ["use_mouse"] = true, }, ["graphics"] = { ["DOF"] = 0, ["LensEffects"] = 0, ["MSAA"] = 0, ["SSAA"] = 2, ["SSAO"] = 0, ["anisotropy"] = 1, ["aspect"] = 1.6, ["chimneySmokeDensity"] = 1, ["civTraffic"] = "", ["clouds"] = 1, ["clutterMaxDistance"] = 0, ["cockpitGI"] = 0, ["effects"] = 3, ["flatTerrainShadows"] = 1, ["forestDistanceFactor"] = 0.8, ["fullScreen"] = false, ["heatBlr"] = 0, ["height"] = 1200, ["lights"] = 2, ["messagesFontScale"] = 1.5, ["motionBlur"] = 0, ["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera", ["outputGamma"] = 2, ["preloadRadius"] = 70000, ["rainDroplets"] = false, ["scaleGui"] = false, ["shadowTree"] = false, ["shadows"] = 1, ["sync"] = false, ["terrainTextures"] = "max", ["textures"] = 2, ["treesVisibility"] = 6000, ["useDeferredShading"] = 1, ["visibRange"] = "Ultra", ["water"] = 2, ["width"] = 1920, }, }
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