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  1. Actually I bought because of the S variant... but guess it was my mistake to not read correctly.
  2. Thanks ! I did not know about the SA functionality.
  3. Hi, when my SOI is the left DDI with the AZ/EL and hit Recce button to bring JHMCS it does not work Same happen if my SOI is the MPCD, If I hit the Recce button to bring JHMCS it does not work. If my SOI is the Radar ATTACK in the DDI then I can turn on or off the JHMCS Is this an expected behavior ? Does Recce have other functionality that is not implemented or I don't know yet when in AZ/EL and SA page?
  4. When in TWS, and sensor and do SCS to the right again with the TDC in a blank space without contact the radar goes in to AACQ but does not lock anything and the legend stays there. To reset it I have to go SCS left and go into AZ/EL mode and in the left DDI and then the AACQ legend disappears in the right DDI radar and hud. Is this correct?
  5. When in Radar ATTK, TWS, when on bias mode is on and designate a L/S target should should not switch to auto ? I have to hit, man and then Auto legend appears and hit it back.
  6. Once I lost a target because I did brake away or had to run, how do I reset it because the lost stay there no matter if I turn off the radar or change modes in the plane.
  7. When opening the rearm and refuel menu in VR, the description or type or ammo does not show completely. This varies per module. F14, JF17, MiG 21 happens. I tried the F18, Mig29 an and is working fine. How to reproduce (F14-JF17-MiG21 ) - Select role in a plane that is on the ground. - Radio menu (\) - Ground - Rearm and Refuel - On the pop windows select AA Missiles AIM54, legend will not be totally visible. Regards
  8. How to recreate the bug: On the right console to turn on or off the systems: Do a full start up procedures Align the plane Try turn off all the systems, INS can't be turn off.
  9. How to recreate the issue: Mount the TPOD in the wing station so it is easy to see Area track a location and turn to the opposite site, the head of the TPOD where the glass and lens can be seen goes to the opposite side. Basically is looking with the no glass section of the TPOD head.
  10. Is there a way from the client side to customize the size of the Mission messages or remove them all from the MP servers ? I'm talking status messages like Blue Flag where it reports when a plane is detected or like what objectives is active. In VR is horrible and basically takes half of your vision and specially if you are a middle of a dogfight. Hope in can be disable all these messages from client side.
  11. Is the Persian F14A still in plans ?
  12. I think I did not make my self clear.... In the tid you see the target as hostile, both by DL and by owned radar but STILL when you go to PD-STT Jester call it friendly. This happen to me in MP server where both planes are in the same side.
  13. That is the iff process, but when you stt a target that iff return hostile he still says watch it , locked a friendly. I think it has to do woth what @ustio and @near_blind explain. it make sense to me.
  14. Hey as the title says. What parameters use Jester to determine when a target is hostile and how can be affected. Im asking because in the last 2 days In different multiplayer servers I asked for stt or using pal and jesters yells watch it friendly and the vid him as hostile. It happen is different mp servers.
  15. ** Not sure if related but the outcome is very similar ** Trying to understand if this issues is related or not, but could be possible that now in TWS the TID show again missiles ? Since the last patch on update in AUG I see multiple TID detections but these are not represented in the DDD. So far this is happening in Multiplayer. I was thinking that could be related datalink information from multiple sources or something else. Without a human rio the best way to discriminate valid contacts is asking to do a brief PD - STT to Jesters. Let me know if I should create another tread and track file for this or keep it here.
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