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  1. Wow ..... I have them both anyway but ..... I think this is an extreamly kind gesture . Nice one friend
  2. I would like to see a 212 and a 412 , UH-1Y .
  3. Be great if you could make some original liveries for this weathered mod please . Looks great
  4. Be fantastic if someone could model a barrel bomb , like the Syrian Air Force are using .
  5. I just bought CA ..... hope its worth it .
  6. where do I get a copy of my reciept please ? I sent an email to Bezcl in 2012 explaining that I had changed my email addrerss ..... would this prove to be helpful in my claim please ?
  7. Naa ..... not interested in it at all . I own all the other modules except for P-51 & CA . This just doesnt float my boat , sorry .
  8. I already have FC3 . Do I need to purchuse the F-15 AFM module or its a free upgrade for FC3 please ?
  9. Lol ..... option two Ill settle on .
  10. Im getting tired of askin for an escort . A few days ago , our side had a 3 to 1 advantage in fighter numbers . I asked for an escort for a SEAD attack . Nobody was interested . Then I get shot down by an enemy fighter near the target . Im not complaining about getting shot down . But many fighter jocks don't bother or want to help in a mere escort role , how do you get around this issue ?
  11. No , but some devs are planning on making the F-22 !!!
  12. No ...... understood thanks . Be better if you had a key command . Land near the troops and key command them to load up .
  13. badger66


    I wish you could call in an emergency landing and get priority clearance among other things .
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