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  1. Good to know thanks. I was at a low altitude so I'll try flying higher next time or waiting to get within the 21 mile limit.
  2. 20 milesish? From memory it's the distance where bandits with medium range missiles get the advantage because their missiles don't loft as much so the time difference means you can't compete against them because you have to go defensive before the missile goes active.
  3. Looks like this is a complex convo and is still ongoing. Basically if the devs read this - then it would be awesome if the missile took the most efficient way to the target based on your distance to it. Having a missile take longer to reach the target when it has enough energy to get there by not lofting just makes it more likely a bandit is going to kill me sooner and makes the F14 very fragile within medium ranges.
  4. Is there anyway to not make the missile loft? At closer ranges the missile will launch itself almost vertically into space and then come back down when it would be more efficient to have the missile head directly toward the target.
  5. Turns out I wasn't entering the long form coordinates. Problem solved.
  6. Using Lat/Long coordinates from the f10 map when I click on the units.
  7. Whenever I put the coordinates in for a target in as a manual steerpoint I find that the steerpoint is usually quite far away from the actual target. Is this normal? Is there any way to improve accuracy?
  8. Feel like I have got it to work again. Does the probe heat switch affect the HTP? That's the only thing I've changed in my setup.
  9. Can't seem to get any SAMs showing up on the HAD page through the HTS. Is this bugged at the moment? Is there a checklist somewhere to make sure I'm not screwing it up? Never had a problem with it before. I can get the SAMs to show up on my harm emitter through the WPN page just fine.
  10. I wonder if they can aim at night too which would negate one of the advantages of the Apache which is to be able to operate at night.
  11. I would love to recreate some of the Jungle Strike missions from the Megadrive days. Protecting the presidential motorcade from armed terrorists was always a blast.
  12. Would be good for the sake of realism if there was blood splatter and a damage model for pilots when they get hit with arms fire. I know this will trigger some people who don't like it for a variety of reasons so I think it should be an option we can enable. For people that actually enjoy blood in their games I think this would make the flying experience more intense and realistic.
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