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  1. Jumped in and first impressions good, just have an issue with the cursor in VR isn’t aligning with cockpit buttons and switches…. Does this bird have a trim button/hover etc Also an Aero user and can’t get the debug tool back up, any pointers …. Cheers Jim
  2. Findings updates… First did a clear out of SteamVR and reload, moved my lighthouses and headset box onto smart plugs to turn on/off when needed. DCS F16 Cauc Freeflight hits around 45-65 dependant on height and stuff. Also moved the USB to its own USB type c slot, need to look into what else is linked or on the same cct in effect. Any current owners getting stable 90 fps can you share DCS settings so I can match. Lastly I have the leap system in a drawer that I’m looking to get utilising since there seems to be more love for, anybody been doing any test/mounting positions, where we can and cannot put it on the headset for best results. Also anyone with good results can u share pics or mounting options, thanks. Jim
  3. Will do, you would think as its got its own separate power input it shouldn't be looking to draw juice or at least the bare minimum from the USB bus itself... Hopefully this cures my usb bus dropping out and mouse locking up... Any ideas on the Steam VR reset issue...
  4. Updates after few days play. Point 1: Keep getting mouse freezing when I have my Aero plugged in - something seems to causing/or is an issues, Windows error that seems to tie in is "Kernel PNP Event ID 225 - ApplicationVarjoHMDSerevr.exe Stopped the Removal or Ejection of the Device ID **************. When not running lighthouse of Varjo hardware I'm not getting any USB/Mouse resets. Still Troubleshooting. Point 2: Often getting SteamVR Headset has Changed - Select Restart SteamVR at which point kills the game and have to reload, anyone else seeing this is this a SteamVR issue of Varjo Base/Steam VR Still Troubleshooting I'm gonna try this see if any better https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/2/1640917625015598552/ Point 3: In game using FPSVR doing some free flight testing -F16 in Caucasus. Looking at in game stats I'm getting the following ... GPU: 3090 CPU: i9 12900K FPS 45 FPS 68 GPU Framerate 20.8 avg Framerate 5.8 GPU Usage 97% CPU Usage 29% So reading the stats I'm looking to get the GPU framerate to below 11.1 to get FPS back upto 90. Although looking at the above looks like my supposedly bad ass GPU is on its Arse Cheers Jim
  5. Agree with Beats either its a Aero thing or DCS patch to iron out the wierdness...
  6. Cheers bud, will do that I was stuck in the Oculus ecosystem where we were setting PD up to get picture quality… will post back results….
  7. New Aero adopter… Again I echo Beats comments I have same symptoms on load screen, spiked graphics double jittery pic… game loads in free flight in Caucasus in F18 and FPS counter is down at 20fps and game is jittering when looking around. Also looking at the main DCS there’s a weird twist going on when I move my head… Migrated from Oculus Rift S eco system so first time with steam VR stuff. I did purchase and have setup, 2x Base Stations v2. Probably expect something not set right.. PC Specs best you can get …. Win11 (Installed on NVME M.2 Samsung 980Pro PCIE4) Intel i9 12900k @5.1ghz Asus Z690-E Strix Gaming WiFi Corsair Dominator RGB 32Gb 5600Mhz DDR5 Zotac Amp Infinity 3090 (Latest GeForce drives) Varjo Aero DCS installed on another NVME M.2 Samsung 980 Pro PCIE4) Any tips I need to check on the steam VR side, I did have a quick look at PD set to 1.6 is this needed anymore with Aero, also I’m thinking maybe need to clear out the meta shaders as usual
  8. I wish I have a 12900k and Z690, but no DDR5 can’t find the crap anywhere… still rocking my old 11900k and Z590 with 64Gb DDR4 (Well six months old)
  9. Happy Birthday... Have a day off, and release Apache tomorrow...
  10. Got a weird one .. Since last update I don't seem to have working Gun anymore. Arm Switch 'ON' and select switch set to Gun, Symbology in HUD is good and A/A or A/G selected but squeezing trigger gets no Jizz out... Anyone else got issues ... Note: Only been on Multiplayer BuddySpike Persian Gulf...... Cheers . Dangermouse
  11. Evening, I have installed Win11 and am running Beta.... I have noticed that the game takes ages to load into multiplayer and seems to hang with 'Mission Load Done' if i leave for a couple mins will eventually get into lobby... Note: Only really playing on Buddyspike Blue Flag Persion... Interested what others are experiencing ...
  12. Agreed, having had this in the A10 since the early days, this is needed for the newer jets where applicable... thx
  13. Thanks BarTzi, yeah I mainly play Multiplayer in BF and have been waiting on this feature if/when it ever gets implemented or indeed if this is real life and will never appear.. Mouse
  14. Evening all, tried a search but not much is coming back, can we setup NetID and assign flight numbers on the F18 yet, like on the A10?# Cheers ....
  15. Heatblur just walked in and Mic Dropped the shizzle out of that …. Open the shop store and take my money ….
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