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  1. Hello, I purchased the campaign but when I start the missions the skins on the A10 are blank, a grey scheme without any markings of any kind, not the Idaho ANG like I see on the screenshots of the campaign? Can anyone advise?
  2. Plus One on this for me!
  3. I actually can't find these at all? Are you sure they are in game?
  4. I am using the mission editor and I have selected Germany, but the Mig 29G is not available to select? Only the Mig 29A.
  5. I saw your post on hoggit and I've being checking the user files every since! You do such amazing work! Can't wait for these
  6. I had to delete my customs skin folders in saved games unfortunately. Then I got all the official skins working again.
  7. This link isn't working unfortunately. I really would be hopeful someone would do this skin!
  8. Anyone else missing the skins? I get the usual green missing texture on most of the liveries in beta 5 and 5.1
  9. I would love to add a plus one to all of this! I was going to post a request for the Mi-8 to be added to Syria myself!
  10. I saw these bindings. Unfortunately they're not animated then
  11. Are these bindable? I am not able to find them in the controls list?
  12. Having the TPOD on the right MFD and using the zoom keys on the MFD allows for continuous zoom when holding the relevant key. However when using the TPOD in the left MFD this doesn't work. The zoom keys only work in increments. This may be by design or maybe it's a bug?
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