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  1. Are you gonna post this on every third party subforum?
  2. Hmm no , compared to other flight sims DCS has the best control setup UI i've ever seen
  3. That sucks, i didn't know that. But at the rate DCS:W is expanding i do think it would be a good idea for them to consider changing it , even if its hard.
  4. No i'm talking about firing aim 54"s
  5. Would that really be that much work though? I doubt it. God forbid there's some new features in a new module packages that don't just involve the aircraft and it's systems.
  6. Maybe you should consider that ED is a bussiness and is in it for the money. When they made the TF51 and su25t free they didnt do it out of the kindness of their heart , they did it because someone said "we could probably make more money if we do this". Same thing might happen with L39. So good idea.
  7. The difference is that GPS guided bombs have guidance computers on board that can calculate optimal trajectories and guide at the same time , where as laser guided bombs are pretty ****ing stupid and just know how to keep the laser centered , nothing else.
  8. It's quite simple really , the bomb is designed to fall in an arc and the on board computer that calculates the ccrp delivery knows this , if you lase as soon as you drop and the bomb picks up the laser right away (wich wont happen unless you'e a good 15 to 20 degrees nose down on weapon release) the bomb will try to fly in a straight line towards the target because that's what the laser seeker is telling it to do , wich will cause it to lose energy and fall short.
  9. I don't see this happening , but i am in favor of it if it does happen.
  10. Hawg 1-1 , fox 3 long. lol
  11. Really not necessary with laser guided weapons, only GPS guided weapons. (Not exacly an answer to your question , but still.) Yes that's how auto lase works , but under certain circumstances lasing too early can make your bombs miss since they will waste potential energy homing in on the laser while too high in the air. Personally i always use 10 seconds, but anything in that ballpark will do. I've used between 6 and 15, eventually i settled to just stick with 10.
  12. It's mandatory. I didn't play much DCS before the whole "DCS World merger" but the A-10C and black shark packages both felt complete with units to populate missions , and since DCS world became a thing none of the new modules have had any AI units to go with it and i don't understand why. Most noticable with WW2 aircraft but it applies to everything
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