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  1. Fixed it by reverting to DCS Stable
  2. I also have the problem. I tried repairing, new Saved games folder, tried different settings. No luck. I would say this is a bug and would be great to have it fixed. :pilotfly:
  3. Others have also said that you should not use Vinson. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=254603
  4. I changed the squadron to spawn on Stennis instead of Vinson and now it seem to work much better. No delayed flights yet. Any reason for this?
  5. Campaign: Tomcat over Persian Gulf-CVN : F-14B Tomcat campaign over Persian Gulf (CVN-Carl Vinson) - New V11.01.0 Problem: Getting "Your flight is delayed to start, please wait" when joining F-14 flight on a carrier when hosting the mission with DCS World 2.5 Open Beta Dedicated Server. --------------------------------------- First mission Singleplayer F14 CAP Result: "Your flight is delayed to start, please wait" --------------------------------------- Next mission Singleplayer F14 Escort Result: "Your flight is delayed to start, please wait" --------------------------------------- Download link for the campaign: https://nextcloud.sagittarius.se/s/pKAJZEqf68Ke4oT I have a feeling that that these options make some kind of difference. But i havent managed to come to a conclusion. parking_hotstart = false, intercept_hotstart = true,
  6. Dedicated server - Mission installation procudure as in instruction. mods,aircraft,f14..... DCS Open Beta, latest. The problem occurs when running the mission in a dedicated server, but it works ok when running it locally. I have no idea why. :helpsmilie: Im sure someone with a dedicated server can replicate this. I'm ready to test any possible fixes. Tomcat over PG-CVN_first.miz
  7. I ran it both as a singleplayer and multiplayer. Can upload the mission when im able. Plane type 1: F14 Plane type 2: F18 Task random.
  8. Mine (CEF) Campaigns (Nevada, Persian Gulf and Caucasus) : - Tomcat over Persian Gulf-CVN : F-14B Tomcat campaign over Persian Gulf (CVN-Carl Vinson) - New V11.01.0 Im getting "Your flight is delayed" and i never spawn in. I tried different pruning settings. No luck. Running on a dedicated server. Is there a fix?
  9. Delete the fxo and metashaders folder in Saved Games\DCS
  10. When importing a mission. F-14Bs taking of from a carrier shows departure from a random regular airfield.
  11. Ok so a very temporary fix was to modify the aircraft.xml, cloning the F-14A section and renaming it to F-14B. Just to be able to generate kneeboards.
  12. Best companion software! Thanks! Keep it up! Do we need a patch to be able to see the F-14 in the application?
  13. When running dedicated server. Can i put the mission files anyware or is it hard coded to be in the campaign folder?
  14. Aww, I didn't know that it was broken. We just finished mission 5 in our Nordic Battle Campaign. No debriefing screen. :(
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