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  1. It should ! The provided PDF should help you to put the good paths (you need OvGME too)
  2. Did you use DCE Manager provided with the campaign ?
  3. Campaign available : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3321350/
  4. Coming soon waiting ED validation in User files !
  5. These strange coalitions come from an internal discussion regarding the political situation at the time played where Cyprus and Greece were closer to Russia and Turkey closer to the USA. That's why Cyprus get russian armor and helicopters... For MP with my group (GC 22) I developped a special version with UK Apache based in Akrotiri Airbase fictionnaly fighting with Cyprus forces (I know it's far fetched... "tiré par les cheveux" but it's for my group ) It seems to be able to use GPS alignement...
  6. I updated all the Cyprus incident campaigns in User Files with new db_airbases and I added the new Gazelle Cyprus air force skin If you want to add it in a begun campaign you will have to add it with Notepad++ in the oob_air.lua file here X:\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\Cyprus Incident-Gazelle\Active and skip mission with the Manager ['number'] = 4, ['type'] = 'SA342M', ['score'] = { ['kills_ship'] = 0, ['kills_air'] = 0, ['kills_ground'] = 0, }, ['country'] = 'Cyprus', ['tasks'] = { ['Strike'] = true, }, ['InitReserve'] = 18, ['skill'] = 'high', ['reserve'] = 18, ['helicopter'] = true, ['player'] = true, ['name'] = '450 M-E/P-2', ['callsignId'] = 2, ['livery'] = { [1] = 'Cyprus air force', <--- Here }, ['callsign'] = 'Springfield', ['base'] = 'Larnaca Airbase',
  7. With the last ED update, many airbase radio frequencies were changed on Syrian map ! Here is a quick update file to put in : X:\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\Cyprus Incident-Hind\Init db_airbases.lua I will update this file with new Syrian airbase later ...
  8. Campaign available now https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3321103/
  9. Special version with more Iranian opposition made for MP with my group (GC 22). Includes flyable Hind for MP... Waiting ED validation in user files ...
  10. Small update to Cyprus Incident-Mirage campaign : I forget to change one end campaign condition when Mirage Squadron strength is under 2. This needs to restart a campaign unless you modify the camp_triggers.lua file in Active folder : find "Campaign End Loss" and replace "450 M-E/P-1" by "EC 331" then select skip mission with Manager. Sorry for this bug
  11. Cyprus Incident Mirage 2000C campaign version waits ED validation in user files... look first post for a direct link when it will be available
  12. It should work the only drawback is that you must change channel manually to ear CGI or wingman…
  13. Available in ED user files
  14. Experimental DCE Campaigns : Cyprus Incident Hind and Gazelle released and waiting ED validation ! Check First post for links or ED user files when available : This version is different from previous campaigns: it is an attempt to be able to simulate the movement of combat units on the ground while maintaining "static" type targets of DCS to avoid overloading missions. It relies on scripts and templates. Unfortunately, it is very likely that this trial will not be transformed because this system was deemed far too heavy for the campaign creator to manage and in my opinion it will remain unique. Unlike the old campaigns everything is scripted and even if the player remains free to do what he wants on the ground, the evolution of the troops on the ground will be done over the missions except of course in case of decisive actions of the player on these. The campaign is designed to be very easy at first for Hind or Gazelle pilots but could quickly become significantly more difficult later on… Solo or MP play is only possible with helicopters in the Hind and Gazelle versions at the start of the campaign. Mirage 2000C pilots will be available later in the campaign…
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