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  1. IMO A game is a game and "sim" is a genre. Lockon/FC is a flight sim game.. A "real" sim (flight/automobile/VR...) is used in military and industry. If lockon is just a sim, we should call most fps games (Americas army, Counterstrike, Quake, Doom, BF2..) a shooting simulator.
  2. :noexpression: doh did i sound like whining? noo I just want to see more servers, different settings, more players. thats all. also worried about lockon's future in the market (compared to il2) of course i dont want to see newbies wasting time and bugging players while playing. anyway look at the servers on HL... mostly empty. only one or two server are dominating...why's that.
  3. Personally I agree with witchking's idea.. This situation won't attract more players.. I understand a flight simmer needs to learn teamwork/tactic/communication/patience..etc.. it's not a kid's video game right? Sigh. A game is a game after all. The game is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Most servers on HL is for veterans not beginners. I dont mind the settings, my closest friend/gamers already gave up playing lockon. Why? the sever setting.. I hear RTFM. practice...join squad..get TRackIr, TS, and blah.. I know those things help a lot. I know most of you can't live without them. You probably hate that a punk joins the server and ruins the whole game. You'd say it is a cheat..that's a cheat..this that... It happens man. What the hell is admin/host for??? If they dont monitor, dont even setup the server. If external view is a cheat, fine. nobody likes to be ass kicked by newbies in the game right? again... this is a game. not a million dolla flight simulation! Have you thought of why players still fly on Ubi? How come IL2 is more popular?? It's all about various setting of servers. Doesn't matter lockon has a new version coming up.. I bet people who plays lockon will remain same..
  4. posted at ubi forum as i recall.. of course its a post-prod audio.
  5. a combo of fast processor + mobo (w/ decent cooling) :pilotfly:
  6. sounds like this http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=12802
  7. just found this article, http://www.tomshardware.com/2005/10/14/the_/ Can this machine run lockon? what do you say.
  8. Did you insert 2nd cd in cdrom drive?
  9. i'd recommend a thrustmaster topgun afterburner hotas (not cougar). it's affordable and no messy setup for casual simmers.
  10. whats wrong with your name. i like 'manta' ...wanna switch? :icon_mrgr
  11. i am afraid ubi will drop lomac someday.. chatting has been disabled.. ppl hard to join the servers..etc..
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