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  1. Got it to work earlier on today. Added my stand alone install as a non-steam game, and straight away it popped up as play in VR. Uninstalled my steam copy and everything is still the same. Works perfectly, now just to get it set up properly for the vive and my nvidia 1070. Thx for the response.
  2. Need some help please. So I have DCS installed stand alone. I cannot get my vive to be switched on by DCS, ticked the VR box in settings etc. Tried it with Steam VR running, not running, steam on it's own. So I then downloaded DCS via steam into another drive, and it started straight away with the play in VR button. The issue is that I have quite a few modules in my stand alone that I don't have in steam, that I want to fly and I can't add them to steam anymore. Tried the theatre option under properties when it wasn't installed via steam and it was greyed out. Any ideas to get it running outside steam? thanks
  3. I have absolutely no judder at all now. I5 2500K @ 4.4, brand new Nvidia 970 G1 @ 1500/1800 (core/mem). Resolution is set at 1440 using DSR within the Nvidia control panel. Within DCS I have everything at high except water which is low. Trees are down at 2000mtrs, shadows are 50, preload is 40,000. I have my rift set as extended to my main monitor which is a 120Hz monitor. All I have to do now, is open up a mission and it swaps from my main screen to the rift automatically. To close the mission down, I come back to my main monitor and right click close the dcs icon on the task bar, and it auto swaps back to the main options on my main monitor. TBH, I never thought it would work this well, only weird thing is IO have to press pause twice to be able to take control while using the rift.
  4. Got it working.. For some strange reason I now have to press pause twice before it allows me full control.. Man I love flying the huey through the city at Batumi.. Now all we need is a virtual aerobatics display with everyone using the OR flying the hawk :)
  5. Yeah mate... The OR does actually work, I can move my head around etc and it tracks no problem at all, the view from 5000 feet inside an A10 is amazing, just no movement at all :( The funny thing is, if I view a AI pilot, it all works well on the OR. I can swap cameras etc.
  6. I understand that. But what is happening is that nothing is moving in game, blades are not spinning, engines are not running etc etc, also get no sound at all. I do see my cross hair in game. Thanks
  7. Some advice from anyone if possible please. Got myself a new Nvidia 970 G1, runs DCS exceptionally well. Now when I put my DK2 on with the 4.2(?) runtime, the oculus is detected, I can load a mission up and it auto switches to my oculus when the mission loads. The only problem I have is when I go to hit fly, nothing happens, everything is static. No response to joystick movement etc. Tried an editor mission starting in the air and I get the same response. I can hit escape and go back to the mission editor no problem. Using Nvidia latest drivers as well. Oh and for some unknown reason I cannot update via the updater, so looks like a full install is needed :( .. I would love to get the OR thing fixed before I went down that route. Cheers
  8. Hire this man now !! :) You make the W version sound so sweet, now wondering if I can change my vote :helpsmilie:
  9. Just a thought Ells... You'll have my money day 1 anyway :) GR4 cough cough GR4 :music_whistling:
  10. You guys should kickstart this, I am sure we would be throwing our money at you :)
  11. Payday today :) Help me spend my money!
  12. I am hoping to move back to the standard DCS install, and remove my steam install. What files or folders would have to move over, so that my saved campaigns and key bindings are present in the new install? Many Thanks.
  13. Try doing them one at a time. RAlt + Home for left start RCtrl + Home for right start Ralt + End for Left stop RCtrl + End for right stop I get a bug occasionally, which is very similar to yours. I just restart the mission and it is gone.
  14. Hi All I am looking for some TrackIR profiles to use. For some reason I can never get my trackir to zoom in the way I see everyone else using it on youtube etc. I have every module available, and fly most of them on a reg basis, but would especially like them for the Sabre, A10, KA50, Huey and FC3. I know it is a lot to ask, but this community gives so much.. Thanks
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