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  1. Hey guys, for some reason after I re-installed VRK I cannot get the right click menu for the tabs to work. I can right click on a tab and the menu shows up but as soon as I mouse over it the whole thing disappears except the option I moused over, once I click the option it disappears and nothing happens. Hope I explained it well enough. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks but unfortunately all the modes end up behaving the same way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks, they are returning to center but I have experienced that too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Okay thanks, sorry I misunderstood you. I checked that also and it is set correctly.
  4. I have tried multiple times to provide a video recording but unfortunately your 5 MG limit prevents me from uploading it. I'm not a Youtuber and I don't have any other way to record other than Bandicam. As I stated in the initial post I do not have additional controls bound to the rudder.
  5. Hello, I have been following the threads associated with the trim in the Apache so before you dismiss my post as not being a bug please read all of it. I have noticed an issue that only seems to be with the rudder pedals when trimming the Apache. I first noticed this when I would come in for a landing, I'd have to put in lots of pedal to compensate for torque and then I'd trim. Then I would watch as the aircraft would spin wildly to the side I trimmed to. At first I thought it was me and just needing to get used to trim. Then I watched Wags video and he suggested pulling up the controls indicator. So I did and noticed some crazy behavior. In forward flight, when I press the pedal where I need it, then press forward on the trim button and recenter, it would work fine and trims exactly where I put it. However, it may work fine for a few trims but eventually it starts this crazy behavior. Once I have it trimmed for forward flight and then start landing, I'll press left pedal to compensate for torque and instead of trimming where I put the pedal, the control indicator jumps all the way to the left and trims there, in some cases all the way to the edge of the control indicator box and not where I put it. I began testing this on the ground and It is especially noticeable when you trim half way to the left or right and then trim half way to the opposite side. I can replicate this on either side of center and it does the same thing. I am using Logitech Pro Rudder Pedals and I have an old pair of Thrustmaster ball crushers that does the exact same thing. I am using Central Position Trimmer Mode, and I have tried different USB plugs, I have double checked that I don't have other controllers bound to the rudder, and I have calibrated the pedals. Maybe this is part of the reason people are having such a hard time trimming. For me it's so frustrating that I am getting to the point I don't even want to fool with the Apache anymore.
  6. Yeah I just flew another Fear the Bones Campaign mission and turned hot mic off and didn't notice any erroneous commands. Mine is usually "Flight Attack Bandits." So I guess I'll have to live with that or not use hot mic.
  7. So I'm a long time Vaicom Pro user and I've never noticed this happening until recently, maybe because I'm flying the Tomcat more lately and I'm using Hot Mic. Vaicom Pro keeps telling my wingmen to attack bandits, or any other random command that I didn't say. I can't seem to figure out why. Has anyone else had this issue?
  8. I have managed to find a solution, thanks MAXsenna for asking about the MP settings. All I did was look at the MP tab and under the VOIP section; I changed TX Link to Dynamic Switching and it works normally now in single player, I will test MP at a later time.
  9. I have checked the settings and have checked "only invoke when released". Also here's is my MP settings:
  10. Hey guys, I'm not sure when this started since I use VR but I have noticed over the last several weeks that I have to constantly repeat commands. I thought it was a mic issue but that's not it. Today, I finally had time to look at VA a little closer and I have now noticed that when ever I press a PTT and hold the first time, VA hears my command and works fine. If I press the same PTT a second time I get listening suspended and the command is obviously not heard, a third press and it starts to work again.. So basically it's every other press I get listening suspended. I have updated Vaicom Pro to the latest version. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I know this is an old thread but I’m glad you asked this question. I spent 2-3 hours last night re-reading the manual and watching tutorials because I had the same problem. I finally gave it a rest and thought the game was bugged. I wasn’t sure this was the issue for me but all I had to do was add a small dead zone and a slight curve to axis and mine works now. Just posting for others who may encounter this at some point who may overlook this as their issue.
  12. Disregard, it turns out is was the Logbook Improvements Mod USN and USMC. Once I disabled them it worked.
  13. Anyone else getting stuck on mission 2? I'm able to complete the 1st mission but when I try to fly the 2nd it just gets stuck on the loading screen. I have tried repair and no change.
  14. Thanks! It’s always nice to hear that from people with direct Huey experience. https://forums.eagle.ru/signaturepics/sigpic97269_10.gif Liquid Cooled i7 8700K | GeForce RTX 2080 | 32 gig RAM | SSD Samsung 850 EVO | HP Reverb VR | TM F/A-18
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