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  1. Hello everyone, A little while ago when the apache got announced i got the idea of making a cockpit for it. I started designing some panels to see how well i would do. I only started using fusion a month prior. My goal is to get a fully functioning pilot station with all switches and buttons that are in the real thing. Everything will be 3d printed and modeled by myself. I do fly in VR so there will be no screens in my cockpit for now . I am posting this here because i thought some of you may like the idea and would be interested in how things would look. So i will be posting picture here of my progress. I have been working on it for a little while now. but the Cyclic grip and collective grip are giving me a headache. not to mention the Tedac grips. If there are more experienced people here who do 3d modeling and have some tips for me PLEASE do share them below! Any tips in general are also very welcome! Thank you,
  2. Check out this forum post where I keep a constantly updated list of layouts and links to my Input Mapper and DS4Windows tutorials
  3. Hello, for the longest time I thought this was a real life feature. However I can not find it documented in any real world literature, and after consulting with others believe it may be a bug. I have recorded a track. First I enter active paused, reset trim, test controls in each axis. Then try moving pedal with full back cyclic, left pedal is limited. I then hold in left pedal while moving my cyclic around, and you can see the pedal deflection change as cyclic position changes. I then turned off the pedal dampener and did the same test to verify it wasn’t the dampener. I hope this is helpful, thank you very much Rear cyclic limits left pedal.trk
  4. Hey everyone, I know the world is a mess right now. A couple days before the invasion of Ukraine my wife ordered me a full setup of controls from Virpil. Then war broke out... Anyway. I was wondering how badly I'm going to get screwed... Kidding, but we all know that Virpil is headquartered in Belarus, and ships from Lithuania. Of course, getting anything from Virpil is always a waiting game, so... Anyway, I went on their forums looking for answers, seeing what's going on, etc. My wife ordered me the following products. Alpha Conny Grip, right. Mongoose base Mongoose CM3 throttle VPC ace collection Rudder Pedals. and some mounts. (Free shipping!) It's been a week, and the order hasn't shipping, which of course is COMPLETLY normal for Virpil from what I understand. On the forums a company rep posted this... "Posted Saturday at 07:43 AM Hello everyone, I can confirm that we are still operating as expected per our usual order process. Orders are still being dispatched daily from our worldwide distribution center in Lithuania and successfully delivered! If you have any questions about an order please feel free to get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to help with any questions." Here's the link to the post. Safe to order equiment - General Discussion - VIRPIL Controls So, that's the word from Virpil, and I'm not expecting anything to arrive at my house for at few more weeks, at the soonest. I will keep everyone updated as Virpil updates me and I encourage anyone to share how they are doing if they have controls on order from overseas. The world shipping market is taking a big hit as commercial carriers are seeing an increase in fuel prices and insurance rates. I currently have a Winwing Orion set, which I'm very happy with, but it did come from China. I know VKB also ships from China. So lets keep one another up to date. ~See you in the skies.
  5. Hi everyone, With the newly added technicals and for pintle mounted weapons in general, would it be possible to facilitate absolute input devices for the turret azimuth and elevation controls? At the moment we only have a relative control input scheme, where displacing your controller controls the slewing velocity. Some users have built DIY pintle mounted guns which are intended to be used as absolute pointing devices, whereby displacement controls the position, not the velocity; these work very well on things like the Huey, but don't work so well on CA's fairly wide array of controllable, pintle mounted weapons.
  6. Hi everyone, I've got a few requests for the controls: Firstly, it would be good to see a "toggle sight selection" bind added, which when pressed switches between available sights, where applicable (so it starts on say, a day sight, press the bind and it switches to thermal, press it again and you're back to day). At the moment we only have discrete bindings for toggling night sights on/off and toggling thermal sights on/off. Secondly, I'd like to rework how weapon and ammunition is selected: At the moment there are a few keybinds: there's "turret select", "turret weapon select" and "select ammunition feed 1/2". While "turret select" is typically consistent, sometimes "turret weapon select" will cycle between ammunition types and sometimes "select ammunition feed 1/2" will select different ammunition types. Personally, I'd replace these with the following: "Select next/previous weapon" - this should select between wholly different weapons (i.e cannon/coaxial MG/commanders MG/bow MG/missile launchers etc, regardless if they're on the same turret or not). This should not reach and end point, and should cycle back to beginning with subsequent key presses. "Select ammunition type 1/2/3/4/5" - this should select ammunition types for the same weapon (i.e for tank cannons AP/HE etc). Thirdly, would it be possible to assign mousewheel up/down to zoom in and zoom out for sights? Even better is if it would work as it does currently for numerous cameras, and when using fixed sights it adjusts zoom in/zoom out as described.
  7. Hello, I have been following the threads associated with the trim in the Apache so before you dismiss my post as not being a bug please read all of it. I have noticed an issue that only seems to be with the rudder pedals when trimming the Apache. I first noticed this when I would come in for a landing, I'd have to put in lots of pedal to compensate for torque and then I'd trim. Then I would watch as the aircraft would spin wildly to the side I trimmed to. At first I thought it was me and just needing to get used to trim. Then I watched Wags video and he suggested pulling up the controls indicator. So I did and noticed some crazy behavior. In forward flight, when I press the pedal where I need it, then press forward on the trim button and recenter, it would work fine and trims exactly where I put it. However, it may work fine for a few trims but eventually it starts this crazy behavior. Once I have it trimmed for forward flight and then start landing, I'll press left pedal to compensate for torque and instead of trimming where I put the pedal, the control indicator jumps all the way to the left and trims there, in some cases all the way to the edge of the control indicator box and not where I put it. I began testing this on the ground and It is especially noticeable when you trim half way to the left or right and then trim half way to the opposite side. I can replicate this on either side of center and it does the same thing. I am using Logitech Pro Rudder Pedals and I have an old pair of Thrustmaster ball crushers that does the exact same thing. I am using Central Position Trimmer Mode, and I have tried different USB plugs, I have double checked that I don't have other controllers bound to the rudder, and I have calibrated the pedals. Maybe this is part of the reason people are having such a hard time trimming. For me it's so frustrating that I am getting to the point I don't even want to fool with the Apache anymore.
  8. First of all congrats ED on the release of the 64. I've had a blast tonight flying around from the back seat once I got my axis dialed in and worked out the force trim function. She's a bit twitchy but if your gentle and with a bit of practice it gets easier lol Now to my stupid question. How do switch to the CPG seat to let George do the flying in single player mission? I must be missing something so obvious. Thanks Doogie
  9. Hi everyone, In the recently released newsletter there was a document for the new voice chat feature, on page 10, there was a control menu example, with PTTs explicitly for voice chat. Would it be possible to instead use the current PTTs/transmit switches and related controls that are already implemented for modules (which currently bring up the communications menu), allowing voice chat controls to be bound on a per module basis? A possible difficulty however, will be the current communications menu, which is what the current controls bring up. Perhaps it could be set up such that if whatever PTT button/mic switch is quickly pressed and released (within a small fraction of a second) it brings up the current communications menu (allowing you to talk to ground crew, ATC etc, like we do now), and a press with a longer time before release inhibits the radio menu and just uses voice chat. EDIT: Another possible problem with this is how would custom radios be facilitated? Particularly if you've got more radios than the module's switchology supports, perhaps that's where dedicated global keybinds could come in. Or maybe module specific 'custom radio x' binds. EDIT: Deka with the JF-17 seem to be providing both a short-press/long-press option as described above, as well as a dedicated set of keys for the communications menu, and another dedicated set for voice chat, users can then choose what suits them best (personally, I think this is the best solution). EDIT: Though, regarding the current system: How are modules which have more radios than PTT switches going to be handled? For instance in aircraft like the Huey and C-101, there's only 1 transmit switch, and a selector to select which radio you're transmitting on. Will the current, dedicated, global voice-chat PTT binds key their own radios (allowing you to bypass the selector) or will they key transmit switches in modules? So for instance, in the Huey, would the current 'cockpit r.1 VoIP PTT' bind transmit on whatever radio 1 is (and r.2, r.3 will be for whatever their respective radios are), or will it simply key the transmit switch, and the radio you actually transmit on will be controlled by the selector dial. EDIT: modules seem to use their real world controls, and if there is a radio selector, you have to use it. EDIT: @NineLine can this get moved to the appropriate section that was newly created? EDIT: Thank-you!
  10. Hi friends! I want to know if is there any place to share projects to build in home? I am starting this topic with the intention to share my projet in the future and colaborate with community's projects. I am doing this display with arduino leonardo and a 9,7 hdmi display. The bezel will be backlighted too, so it start from a white material, receive paint and translucent label. I am also working in a force feedback control with 775 dc motors, arduino and optical encoder. you can see a planetary to colect three motors torque in the image above The flight control project will contemplate, ailerons and elevators controls, also rudder.
  11. By "modifiers" I mean keyboard keys like "shift", "control" and "alt". We can add custom modifiers in the controls menu but when I set the "G" key (for landing "gear") to be a modifier, it operates on toggle basis rather than a hold basis. I'll elaborate: When I map "shift + POV up" to gear up, I have to hold down the shift key and then flick the POV 8-way hat switch up to retract the landing gear, when I then let go of the shift key and flick up the POV switch, my POV goes up, as expected. However when I map "G + POV up" to hear up, I just have to press the g key once and then my POV hat switch turns into a gear up/down control, only returning to its intended purpose when I once again press G. I would like the "G" custom modifier to act like the default modifiers, how to do this?
  12. It's been several times now that I had to manually clear the keybind that enables the camera to automatically track a launched weapon, it interferes with gameplay and ruins immersion and recordings. While I'm ok clearing the keybinds manually this isn't always (ever) possible, as I only find out it's bound again when it's already a problem. Completely disabling certain keybinds would prevent this issue, along with the issue of having keybinds that conflict with other software reappear over time, forever.
  13. Mouse axis can be assigned there, but not HOTAS axis stick, which makes no sense to me as that is basically the same in terms of input, but the game simply blocks this option. I’m aware that there is another pov option that uses discrete inputs, but that works extremely bad comparing to the axis camera control. is there any way to make it works without virtual mouse/tracIR input?
  14. Hi there, I re-built my PC (with new harddrive SSD) and re-installed DCS completely fresh. This time Open Beta only. The "real" non-beta was never installed on this PC. I found a few strange things. One of them being that all controls setups for all my aircraft show a strange mix of descriptions like "Gear up" "Gear down" (the normal descriptions, as I knew them from my previous install) and some rather abstract entries like "Input.Bf109K4.trigger_a", "Input.Bf109K4_trigger_b1", "Input.Bf109K4_trigger_b2". It's not obvious to me which weapons "trigger_b1", etc refer to. It's a pretty frustrating task now to do all the bindings again, without really knowing what exactly I'm setting. How can I get back the "normal" text descriptions for all controls to be setup? Cheers, Emacs
  15. Hey, I bought the viggen and wanted to assign all my buttons when i noticed i couldn't assign my mouse button 4 to "clickable mouse cockpit mode On/Off". The according field is greyed out and on hovering says: "No command available for this device". There were various suggestions reaching from Repopulating the .lua files over clearing all control categorys and reassigning to reinstalling the module but none have helped me. I am currently flying with mouse and keyboard so i have a virtual joystick for my mouse movement. Any suggestion appreciated
  16. I know that the control we have now is the same as the real one in the hornet, but can we get an axis control that is suitable for rotary knobs in throttles? By this i mean, in F-16 i can use radar elevation with a rotary knob, antenna position is scaled to rotary. But in the F/A-18, whenever i move my rotary for even 1°, elevation control constantly goes up or down. Again ik this is similar to the IRL hornet but its harder to use with many HOTAS throttles. 2 way hats act OK but i dont want to set my 2 way to radar elevation, im using it for airbrake. I wish you guys can add a maybe 2nd control option to make it suitable for rotary knobs, it'd really be better for many players imo
  17. When I switch my seat from the commander seat to the co-pilot seat, then I often have the problem that the Petrovich AI messes up the flight. Even when I am requesting control quickly, it can mess up the flight stability for a short time or even lead to disastrous results, because the AI does not smoothly take over the controls. The second problem is that my axis are not updated when I switch to the front seat, which can e.g. lead to an idle collective position for a brief time (despite of my options settings to always update my current axis position) until I change my collective to update it. So I suggest to simply grant the player control for the flight controls immediately after switching to the front seat, and properly update the axis positions to ensure a smooth transition during flight in single player. The player can still decide to grant AI control afterwards. Thanks.
  18. On certain occasions the modifier buttons on my controller are ignored by DCS, i.e. when i press a modifier + button, then only the unmodified button is registered. I do not know what is triggering this bug, but I have noticed this since I increased the amount of my modifier buttons from two to four. When this bug occurs, the modifier buttons are not registered in the the control options as well. However, when I open the window where you define modifiers and then press ok, then the modifiers are registered again. So it is definitely a DCS bug and no problem with my controller.
  19. Load up any free flight, or Mossie mission. Engines die no matter what I try to do to avoid it, almost immediately. All was fine prior to this update. Throttles, pitch etc. mapped to TM HOTAS and stick. Thinking a "problem", and not a bug. Possibly a new mapping interfering? Any help would be appreciated, can't fly my bird. Tried re-mapping, checked Axis controls etc. Trk file attached, happens immediately after mission start. Did I miss something in the change log? Tried instant missions with my P-47 which has similar HOTAS mappings, and all is well with engine management. Any Mossie mission, you get that chugging and stuttering on near full throttle, and one or the other engine will die quickly. Video coming soon - apologies for all the background noise. Had mic on, you get to hear my chair squeaking! Comment will take you to engine failure at 1:09 - engines always drop in RPM on mission start, even with throttles full forward, can see this at beginning of vid. Happens on any mission. MossieEngineshutdown.trk
  20. I start the game in small window mode then I go to full screen after the plane/map/weather, and everything else is loaded. In the small window the mouse is accurate and it can perform all of the functions over the switches and buttons and use the mouse wheel functions. When I press Left Alt+Enter the accuracy is gone. This is just as of yesterdays 2.7 update, though in the previous version I would have to click the left mouse button to get it to function properly in any new window in full screen. Thanks for any help, this makes the game unplayable
  21. Can anyone tell me how long it normally takes a reported issue normally take to rectify? After an update in July the Spitfire VR hands control stick grip became non functional. I reported this to ED and they confirmed this was problem and I've been waiting ever since. I like using the VR hands it works so well on Oculus Quest via Steam and would buy more modules but I'm reluctant because of this.
  22. Dear Friends , I am struggling to progress in this masterpiece . 1. I bought too many modules (that is on me ) 2. I cannot switch between mouse look ( great for fine movements over switches ) and headtracking (just great for every thing else ) I can turn off head tracking with a hotkey , but at that point the mouse will not allow mouse movement to move the camera around the cockpit . With headtracking I can look around (and zoom with a slider on my hotas ) but I cannot stay still enough to easily flick switches . When I watch tutorial vids its obvious that there is a better way to do it . I know I can go into controls , clear the head track controls and get the mouse to work but I really want to change between the two methods on the fly . Alternatively, if anyone can suggest another way I will be hugely grateful , I have an embarrassing total of hours in this thing but am still dangerously rubbish (despite actually flying a fair amount in real life ..not military I hasten to add ) 3. Greedy but ALSO ! Snap views obviously are just that , a quick look , how can you set up (or can you ) custom views of , say, a panel , and then be able to have a cursor to click on the switches ?? Thanks , happy flying and if you ever see a confused looking plane fly into the ground its probably me , Di
  23. P-51 have (had) the best trim. Hold a few seconds and speed much faster. Not working for for pitch trim with 2.7.
  24. Hi, Started playing DCS in VR some weeks ago and I'm having a blast. Bought the F-16 immediately and started the learning courses designed for it. However, I'm having issues with my controls when flying missions as they only allow me to use the F-16C_50_easy controls / version of the jet. I rather enjoy the more complex and detailed controls of the F-16C Sim version. This leads to my question; is it possible to have the full simulator controls for a mission flight, or is gameplay in mission mode limited to a simplified set of rules (/controls)? I guess the same question applies to multiplayer when I eventually embark on that adventure. Appreciate all feedback!
  25. Hello. I haven't played DCS for awhile and when i came back and installed the updates, i noticed a breaking change in view controls. I have neither head-tracking nor VR headset (yet) so i use mouse for free look. In previous versions i was able to use the mouse for both the free look and clicking the cockpit by toggling between those with a "Force cursor to show" (default: Alt+C). It was not ideal, but it worked. However with the newest version the Alt+C shortcut added a third mode, which is moving around the cockpit (strafe left/right/up/down), so now i have to press Alt+C (which is also binded to my mouse middle button) two times to switch from free look to cockpit control, and two times to get back to free look. This adds so much overhead for me that it's impossible to do in a fight anymore. How do you guys do it when you don't have a head-tracking and you need to look around and click cockpit at the same time? Why don't we simply get a view mode, where the mouse is used for free look and the cursor always stays in the middle, so that you chose which button to click by looking around instead of by moving the cursor across the screen? Same way as how it was done for example in Doom 3 or Quake 4 when you aproached some control panel.
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