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  1. I found it monkie, When you zoom out it changes LOD's and the lod1.edm uses another material name entry, add the below to the description.lua {"uh1_int", 0, "uh1_int.tga", false};
  2. That will work fine. Just make sure if you're viewing it in modelviewer that you restart it for it to show. Here's an example using the same method
  3. No worries mate. Take a look at this SHKVAL MOD
  4. It shows up when you set the lod2 model for close in views. You can test it by adding a new line pointing to the ah-64a_lod2.edm and switch it on/off at 20m. model = { lods = { {"ah-64a_lod2.edm",20.000000}, {"ah-64a.edm",50.000000}, {"ah-64a_lod1.edm",100.000000}, {"ah-64a_lod2.edm",200.000000}, {"ah-64a_lod3.edm",300.000000}, {"ah-64a_lod4.edm",400.000000}, {"ah-64a_lod5.edm",5000.000000}, {"ld_tec.edm",10000.000000}, }, collision_shell = "ah-64a-collision.edm", }
  5. You need to change the textures names in the description.lua Grey cockpit {"UH1-cpt-door", 0 ,"UH1_door_c_gray", true}; {"UH1-cpt_karkas", 0 ,"UH1_karkas_c_gray",true}; {"UH1-cpt_karkas2", 0 ,"UH1_karkas2_c_gray", true}; {"UH1-cpt_panel", 0 ,"UH1_panel_c_gray", true}; {"UH1-cpt_central_box", 0 ,"UH1_boxs_c_gray", true}; Black cockpit {"UH1-cpt-door", 0 ,"UH1_door_c", true}; {"UH1-cpt_karkas", 0 ,"UH1_karkas_c", true}; {"UH1-cpt_karkas2", 0 ,"UH1_karkas2_c", true}; {"UH1-cpt_panel", 0 ,"UH1_panel_c", true}; {"UH1-cpt_central_box", 0 ,"UH1_boxs_c", true};
  6. Here's a starting point search this phrase "scientific study of colour and effects on mood" in Google and if you still don't agree argue the point with all the universities and institutions that conducted the studies. I seriously have better things to do with my time.
  7. It's the company logo, check their homepage http://www.evergreenhelicopters.com/index.html
  8. No problem, The post has no tags, maybe EB could edit it so it was easier to find
  9. Here's the link http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=105997
  10. Blue has been proven scientifically to have a calming/soothing effect on people. Keeping the pilot relaxed can most certainly have it's benefits. Pink would have been better choice but that also reduces aggression which is not such a good thing being a military pilot.
  11. Everything you need to know is in the wunderluft.zip posted by Alex O'Kean in the below thread. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=89164
  12. Hi Mate, Yes all the blue team helo's work even the ones that aren't listed like the AH-1G and UH-60-ER. I haven't tried the missiles on the W but rockets and gun work fine.
  13. Hi monkie, If you're referring to the AH-1W I sent you open the file device_init.lua in AH-1W\Cockpit\Scripts folder. Make a backup of it first then scroll down to the very bottom of the page and remove the line: dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."KNEEBOARD/declare_kneeboard_device.lua")
  14. The Army Ft. Rucker skin doesn't have the right textures in the liveries folder, it only has the red/white Bell/Textron textures. The Australian Helo's description.lua's are missing these lines {"civ_uh1_main_dam", 0, "civ_uh1.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_main_dam", 2, "civ_uh1_spec.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_tail_dam", 0, "civ_uh1_tail.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_tail_dam", 2, "civ_uh1_tail_spec.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_main", 0, "civ_uh1.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_main", 2, "civ_uh1_spec.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_tail", 0, "civ_uh1_tail.bmp", true}; {"civ_uh1_tail", 2, "civ_uh1_tail_spec.bmp", true}; Before I added them the textures weren't showing in ModelViewer.exe. I added them and the textures appear fine now, I haven't tested in game but if it looks OK in MV it should be cool in game. That is if those lines are meant to be there at all.
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