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  1. It sure seems to me that it's much harder to control in pitch, prior to the patch I was able to lift off about 3 feet and hover without much movement, now its very hard to hold a steady pitch attitude. I chalked it up to my own perception but now I am wondering if there was a change to the flight model.
  2. In real world operations, are all CP/G's also rated pilots fully qualified on the Apache or are some purely acting as the Gunner only? Also is there a requirement to fly from the front seat every so often? I am curious if CP/G's also have to fire so many rockets from the front seat while flying, etc or log so many landings from the front seat much like requirements for fixed wing currency? Is it a rank or command thing where a CP/G might be the mission commander and have full authority over all elements?
  3. I wonder if I use two of the same game pad controllers if DCS will recognize them as separate controllers.
  4. That is how I've seen the paddle used for other aircraft as well and that works great but I need a solution where the controller I'm using is completely remapped with a button press on the keyboard. It would require DCS to recognize the controller as 2 separate pieces of hardware, not sure that is possible. Thanks for sharing your info, I might have to think a bit harder on the modifier angle.
  5. I wish I could figure out a simple way to be able to fly from the front seat and then use the same controller to switch to the TEDAC as I have George start to fly. Can you give me some insight into how you accomplish this OP?
  6. Yes in the end there is only one way to get there and that is to practice and not get frustrated and give up. I thought I'd never manage the Huey when it first came out, but now I fly it without a thought and that only came with a lot of trial and error and a good bit of frustration at first.
  7. So in the end the HF will never change their flight path from straight ahead UNLESS they can see the designation before launch?
  8. not sure how a twist grip would work, I've used both pedals and a gamepad for years and I don't use the in game trim for the pedals so I'm constantly holding pressure during hovers and slower flight. I would think a twist grip is a no go for helicopters, I remember trying one back in the early 2000's with FS's first helicopters and I gave up pretty fast on that idea. Even with all of the stabilization that the real Apache might have to me the fun of it is having to constantly control with precise coordination to move form point to point, hover, fire, mask, un-mask etc, otherwise I would just sit in the CPG seat and relax and play button pusher while pilot has all the fun.
  9. I think that for a pilot learning helicopters trim can almost be a detriment. Once you get your curves set up the best thing to do is not use any trim and just feel how the much pressure you are using to get the helicopter to move forward then get it to slow and hover, do all of this down in ground effect at first and just get the hang of that. For me trim is for once you are in forward flight for a long period of time. Trying to trim as you are hovering can lead to trouble it's easy to over trim in roll especially. For landing about a mile out I will release all trim to center and land with no trim at all, the control is much more precise this technique works with all of the helicopters. I was having issues with the Apache especially in low speed pitch as it kept moving as I worked the collective but I went back to the basics of the Huey where I released all trim as I was approach to land and the Apache now feels about the same as the Huey, making sure to look out at the horizon for fine pitch control. Just my observations.
  10. This is a fantastic post since I had the idea as well that the constraints were needing to be met before firing the HF's and also that direct was only for LOBL, etc. Basically it doesnt matter what you have set up for ACQ, the HF's can be launched any direction you so desire. My favorite mission to create now is with the CTLD JTAC sitting on a hill and lazing for me as I sit 9km behind a hill nice and safe. Thanks for the post and clarifying exactly what the launch modes are really about.
  11. Flying from the back and using VoiceAttack to give commands to George as CP/G I have a great time, so much fun to have him fire off a couple of Hellfires and then as we get closer let him use some rockets as I WAS up the gun for my own fun all in one pass and keeping my hands on the controls the whole time. I've waited a long time to finally have a true attack helicopter and now we have the Apache and Hind, good times.
  12. You have to fly George the same way you would fly the helicopter yourself, give him time to react and have him slow down to about 70 knots before making larger turns seems to help. Having him fly towards mountains at 120 knots and he's not going to have the time to react, but slower he does a better job. When kept in the 70 or 90 knot range he does a pretty good job and is much steadier than most human pilots would be, so I can't be too hard on the guy. I've even had pretty good luck with having him line me up for Rocket attacks using the CMBT line up command, though sometimes he seems to fight the torque and can't make the fine adjustments resulting in a go around.
  13. The canopy seems to be a bit too reflective and on certain maps under certain conditions I can barely see the pilot at all. Any way of adjusting this through some manipulation of textures?
  14. I don't seem to be able to control the speed of ground units when they are moving towards waypoints using the -WP command. Even when leaving the default speed of 20kph some units are speeding along at 30+ knots, while some tank units roll at 20kts. I've tried several numbers, 1, 10, 5 etc... none seem to affect the speed. I"m using the -wp-(unit name)-speed format but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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