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  1. Not with other "DCS" products, yes. It's compatible with Flaming Cliffs 2 though. https://www.lockon.ru/en/flaming_cliffs_2/
  2. According to this : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030 You can achive going back to the Version we're playing this battle out by doing the following command in your {DCS install folder}\bin\ folder : .\DCS_updater.exe update
  3. Tried the Steam version of newest OB. I can reach the main menu there (since the user login happens in a later process step.) But after login, same crash. Again files attached. dcs.log-20200220-203955.zip
  4. made a complete new/fresh/clean/virgin install just to be sure ... crashes on "AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance" and following functions/method aka directly after login .... So same problem for me. Crash-Dump and log attached. dcs.log-20200220-192231.zip
  5. From my side too : Thanks everyone for participating! It was nice to have you all on this one and to get some of you better known. It's always a pleasure to meet the guys of this community and have a chit-chat. :-)
  6. Roster updated witth two new entries from the webapp.
  7. Well ... it's either A-10C, UH-1H, F/A-18C ... OR ... Flanker, Mi-8 or Ka-50 ... The 'side' has to be 'set in stone' ! ;) So just choose _one_ aircraft. And that it will be for now!
  8. Just choose the one you're most interested in. :-) I also encourage you to join our discord for planning/briefing. :-)
  9. Updated the Roster. @NIGHTMARE744 consider to join the discord for discussion and planning with Art. :-)
  10. Blue : Sputnik 1 | AveMe - F-14B Pilot FireFly - F-14B RIO NIGHTMARE744 - UH-1H Yurgon - A-10C =52x=Mad Dog - F-14B =52x=Banana - F-14B =52x=Spanker - F/A-18C Dax - F/A-18C =52x=BLITZ - F/A-18C Nick= ARIETE 1-1 | SIG Debo - F/A-18C Malus - AJS-37 Viggen Shadow - A-10C -LwG 51 DS- FatCat - F-16C(M) bl.50 -LwG 51 DS- Viper - F-16C(M) bl.50 -LwG 51 DS- KauKiwiTV - F-16C(M) bl.50 <64> Krippz - F/A-18C Red : Esper - JF-17 Nyapon - Mi-8 MTV2 JG-1 Jonne - JF-17 JG-1 Britchot - Mi-8 MTV2 Chrinik - JF-17
  11. We present to you a modern Battle on Persian Gulf between "blue-forces" and "red-forces". This Mission has been made up and generated by playing the Game/Project Digital Conflict Zones (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3302044) between Art (Blue-Side Player/Commander) and me (Red-Side). It includes : 12 x F/A-18C 12 x AJS-37 Viggen 4 x F-14B 8 x F-16C(M) bl.50 2 x UH-1H 2 x A-10C 2 x SA342Mistral 2 x AV-8B N/A ? x FC/Ground Commander -- Red side forces -- 15 x JF-17 8 x Mi-8 MTV2 7 x JMiG-29A 6 x Su-25T 6 x J-11A 6 x MiG-21bis 4 x Ka-50 4 x Su-25 4 x MiG-29S 2 x Su-27 2 x Su-33 ? x FC/Ground Commander Both sides also have Carriers/Ships as well as many SAM/Ground forces/etc.. -- Blue side forces -- Every machine is starting cold on parking slots, AI and Player alike. Every airport is fitted with a pre defined set of equipment. It can be changed by the Player of the DCZ game but are limited to the ressources one player has. Client slot Aircraft groups can be dynamicaly send off as AI. (Slot is then blocked.) If slot isnt occupied and wasnt send as AI, machine is represented as Static Object and can be destroyed. (Results in slot blocking.) Mission is played with f10 off. Mission is played with external camera but limited to own machine. (Mainly to give the ground commander a better 'view' of the battlefield.) Every unit exist only and exactly one time. Hence if you can re-enter the battle depends on the current situation. (Slots of destroyed Units are blocked.) The mission runs 2 hours tops. Name/IP of server : TBA SRS : will be installed on the same server ... ip:port will be TBA as well Discord for coordination : https://discord.gg/ytmqYqZ Date : The battle is currently planned for --- 05.01.2020, 5 pm Zulu Time. For preparation and briefing we meet at --- 05.01.2020, 4 pm Zulu Time. You can sign up by simply login/register on www.digitalconflictzones.net and applying to one of the "contracts" which are part of the game "Modern Era Tournament Game". If you dont wish to register there you may instead just announce your participation in this thread. Both sides also welcome GCI/FC and Ground Commanders!!! :-) Bear in mind that all units "belong" to one of the DCZ players of that very DCZ game. We will probably come up with a (more or less) specific mission. If you wish to see the current Board-Game state you can do so by "public view" the "Modern Era Tournament Game" game under www.digitalconflictzones.net. If you wish to see the current Situation (with some Intel) from one of the side you just can download the "Second Sequence" in one of the contracts in the contract list under www.digitalconflictzones.net. Good luck and above all Have Fun! :-) See you next Year! :smilewink: Sincerely, der Wolf
  12. I had quite a blast with that event. It was also quite stressful. But in the end ... I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we (Malus and i) did and hope to see you all soon in the 'modern' style DCZ game (and battles). :pilotfly:
  13. (probably) final update of the roster. Good luck to everyone for tomorrow. :)
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