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  1. Thank you all, that is a great relief. Cheers, M.
  2. With the shift to the newer DRM, is it now possible to have DCS installed on two different pcs, accessible by the same login account?(Not at the same time obviously) Or, is my account still tied to the single pc's hardware, as before? I'm asking because I want to know if I have to 'blowup' my install on my old pc to have access on my new pc. Hoping to have a softer transition between systems... Thanks for your help.
  3. Mugue

    Force Feedback

    Bummer. Is ffb planned?
  4. @ fred41, This new version fixes the last issue I've had with my stick. Thanks again for all your hard work! M.
  5. @fred41, Thank You! Works great. My trim axis' are useful finally. You're a Saint. Again Thanks.
  6. Logitech G940 (warbirds, classic jets, helos) VKB Gunfighter Pro/w MCG (complex jets) Microsoft Sidewinder FF2 (for when the G940 craps out) Please keep FFB a thing.
  7. I also have this issue. I also made a post about it and was rewarded with a moved thread and silence. I assume everyone thought I couldn't map my control right. Nice to see I'm not alone here. Hope it gets sorted. :)
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can confirm if they are seeing this problem. I have my rudder trim set in the "left console" page as "cw&ccw" on a rotary encoder. In cockpit, the rudder knob moves correctly with my inputs. Yet I believe the result is opposite. ie. When I rotate my actual knob cw, the in game knobs follows correctly, and I expect the plane to yaw right(as it dose in every plane I know), but instead the plane yaws left. Thanks for your time. Salute.
  9. I re downloaded this today and it dose seem to be clean now. I can't explain why, but the version I got on July 3rd, was indeed infected. I wasn't just making this stuff up for the fun of it, you know. Anyway, I'm loving my Gunfighter Pro. The only thing that would make it better is Force Feedback. ;) Again, Any chance for a change log? I don't what to fix anything that ain't broke if you know what I mean. Thanks.
  10. Hey! A heads up! I downloaded this and it seems it's infected with the Trojan:Win32/Fuery.B!cl :mad: WTF man?! :doh: Also, would it be possible to get change logs for these things?
  11. Hey LennysCopilot! I had the same problem with my new monitor...What I did was...open up the options.lua in yournamehere/savedgames/DCS/config and look for the {graphics} section and find and replace the old monitor rez with the new. Simple. :) Good luck.
  12. Success!! :thumbup: Again, Thanks very much for the help! :)
  13. Many Thanks SkateZilla! I'll give that a try.
  14. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask...but my forum searches haven't turned up what I'm looking for so I'm begging for some help. Since this last update(1.2.6) As noted in other threads, my G940's ffb has gone a little wonky in the P-51. So while I wait patiently for a fix, I'm hoping I could roll back to the previous version. Is this possible? And if so, how. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance, Mugue.
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