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  1. Another update. Looks like he’s getting close to a release candidate!
  2. I’d still like a 200 gallon belly tank
  3. There was an update posted on the Facebook project page…. Just sharing here for anyone interested.
  4. For $60 this throttle can’t be beat: Logitech Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M00UHE3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_KMPP1X2KBVQKW717QT8F?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  5. He’s working on the stick grip and has talked about making the trim pedestal as well!
  6. I’ve been following this guys work for some time… thought it should be shared here: https://www.patreon.com/P47throttlequadrant/posts
  7. The actual tanks were never modified. The detonator was installed in the gas cap. Whether it was used as a drop tank or a napalm bomb, the tank wouldn’t have been filled until right before the pilot stepped for his pre-flight. By then the pilot would have been briefed on his mission and his ordinance. I suppose the ground crew could have slapped some red paint on it or something… but the paint would have still been wet by the time the pilot was climbing in the cockpit!
  8. The A-4E napalm canisters were Vietnam-era napalm specific bombs. IIRC, the napalm P-47’s dropped during WWII, was napalm that was simply mixed and then pumped into external fuel tanks (obviously not plumbed to the aircraft). The fuel cap for the external tank was modified to hold a detonator. I believe sometimes a second detonator was installed on the tail of the fuel tank as well. When the P-47 dropped the fuel tank, the fuel tank’s impact with the ground caused the fuel tank to rupture, dousing the area with napalm. The impact also activated the detonator. So basically, the napalm our P-47’s would be dropping would look no different than the drop tanks already in game, except for a small detonator installed on the red fuel cap, and possibly another attached to the tail. I’m not even sure they painted anything on the tank to signify that it was filled with napalm and not regular fuel… as it was usually filled right before takeoff and the pilot would definitely know his mission (and his load out) by then.
  9. Yes! The bazooka tubes should be available on all P-47 sub-variants, with only the -40 getting the HVARs. Also, both rocket types should have the ability to be jettisoned. I also agree with renaming the "D-30 Early" to the "D-28" I never did like "early" added to it because it's too subjective... how early is early and how late is late? -28, -30, -40 is much easier and cleaner in the drop down menu.
  10. Does the C-47 sound like a high-Revving turbo-prop to anyone else? Im wondering if maybe my install is porked. My C-47 sounds like 2 Edge 540’s flying in formation! edit— never mind… it was my Edge 540 mod that conflicted with the C-47 sounds for some reason.
  11. Any fuel in the Auxiliary tank? Have you checked to make sure you don’t have two devices on your pitch axis? Some other guys were complaining about their button bindings being messed up after this latest update… so that could be the culprit.
  12. Sorry I never saved any tracks and I’ve since edited my mission for the convoy to travel a different route. However, I can tell you that when building the mission, I placed a new ground unit, set it to the opel blitz truck, set it’s waypoints, and then made it 1 of 5. I then changed the first truck to a “APC Sd.Kfz.251 Halftrack”, and then changed the last truck in the convoy to a “Scout Puma AC.” So the half track is leading a convoy of 3 Opel Blitz trucks with a Puma AC protecting the rear. Maybe the Halftrack can’t cross without a bridge and the others are simply following? Im glad the bug is reported and you’ve found a ton of missing bridges… and most importantly, it’s being worked on! Thank you!
  13. Not to mention that usually the Crew Chief would have warmed up the engine and had the plane ready for the pilot.
  14. Now that DCS has given the ability to “restrict” certain weapons…. Couldn’t fuel octane be treated the same way? Let us have the ability to use 150 octane in single player if we so choose… and the server admin can restrict it in their server if they so choose!
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