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  1. i kneel before cat and then slowly move forward spamming U button
  2. In manual it says that you can fly towards the airfield in NAV mode and when you are over it (overfly) you switch to LAND NAV. Is there any particular reason for it? Why not go straight for LB or LF? Does Nav system updates itself when you do overfly? Thank you
  3. Thats definitely not how it works now in DCS for F-14, when I fly MiG29 and there is F-14 on my scope, I see jammer strobe even though I am not locking him up, simple RWS. Right now it seems that F-14 turn jammer on as soon it detects any radar signal, in practice turning jam on when on repeat. But F-14 jammer is absolutely capable of breaking 29/27 radar locks when they are outside burn through range. So it kinda works as intended in that regard?
  4. Mk60 is fastest not only makes missile's PK much higher but also it goes pitbull much sooner, allowing launcher aircraft regain freedom of movement faster.
  5. Jester does require some fixing as if you change countermeasure loadout in during rearming, he doesnt know how to set ALE containers correctly. Also I found out that if you go to back seat to set custom CM programs (in contrast with Jester wheel program "presets", which I all dislike), you have to "reset" Jester in countermeasure department, as give him something to change. I order him to give me chaff control and then back to flare control. Then he will use my set chaff program but of course you must set Jester to use Program chaff switch on detecting threat.
  6. Idk about RL, but in DCS some missiles can home on jam and I had situation that I was fighting another F-14, he fired at me 54 in PDSTT. I go to notch (my ECM was on all time), I break lock, I turn back hot again at him, he is still like 25- 30 nm out, I launch my 54 in TWS aaaand I explode. No warning, no rwr, no nothing. In tacview that STT 54 lost lock but then it REAQUIRED in home-on-jam and bloody hit me. So in DCS while F-14 can be really powerful in theory as it can fire missiles well beyond its ECM burn through range (especially vs Flankers), so enemy has no idea how far you are, enemy air2air missiles can still track you in home-on-jam mode. So I try to turn off ECM when fight is approaching 15-20nm
  7. Hey @Alpenwolf Is it just me or the When the mountains cry is a bit one sided with Red having 7 BMPs vs 2 Bradleys (I know that Bradley is way better but you need 1 BMP to kill objective and Blue on the ground has nothing to stop it), having both Ka50s and Hinds vs Gazelle with 4 missiles and same distances to cover. Red can comfortably defend all their objectives and attack most Blue in the same time Maybe replace Bradley/BMP combo with BTR 82 vs LAV? they have much smaller ammo storage so they would need to rearm much more often and they could be deployed in better parity.
  8. It only shows with Gear down, with Gear up lights can be dimmed all the way to 1 (with LTS Test)
  9. Bug still preset, but its even worse Jester will not dispense anything in any threat environment if you go to RIO seat and set chaff and flare loadout anything other than "F, F, C, F" (60 flares, 40 chaff). ME countermeasure set though works Making that loadout only viable option when flying with Jester only.
  10. @AlpenwolfIs having aim9Ls for A10 in Phone Booth intended?
  11. At least some missions. Like we can simulate Iran-Iraq War, thats literally our current Alpen's Cold War Meta in RL ;). Total War in 80s with limited weaponry with diverse types of targets with MiG-17 (soon™), 19, 21, 23(maybe?), 29, F1, Su-25, Mi-8, 24, gazelle, even L39 (!) vs F-5E, F-4, F-14A, UH-1s, AH-1s (Cobraaas pls!) Ground equipment T-55s 62s vs Chieftans and M60s, SA6s vs HAWKs. Crazy shame that we dont get Iraq map...
  12. USMC skins on F4E doesnt work - default South East Asia are used instead. To fix it you have to rename skin folder from "F_4E" into "f-4e"
  13. Bug is still present, It appears in the air, with gear down only
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