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  1. Good day all. Just want to ask; what is the most popular multiplayer map? New to DCS world and just want to know if I should get Nevada, Persian Gulf or Syria (Not going to fly WWII for now)? Hope everybody are going to have a DCS weekend.
  2. Good day all. I have searched for my query on google but can not find an answer. I am interested in getting the DCS F-14 module but I also want to get the DCS FC3 module. I would rather buy directly from Heatblur Simulations and Eagle Dynamics than Steam (And thus use DCS World from Eagle Dynamics and not Steam). Will there be any compatibility issues? If so is it then better to get everything from Steam? Regards. FanBoy
  3. The problem with this thread is that every plane that is being suggested is something I would want in DCS.
  4. FanBoy2006.01


    Thanks. Will whatch video now. A little dissapointed that it is in our technological grasp though.
  5. FanBoy2006.01


    Sorry. I have not read through the complete post, so does not know if it has been discussed. I have a question. If the ufo is moving at 10000mph, why is there no disturbed air or a sonic boom?
  6. @USMC_Trev and MiG21bisFishbedL Sorry. My remark was more of a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the media (Of different countries), negatively report on certain matters and use erroneous data to support their statements. Watched video. And after they bashed the F/A 18 closer to the end they highlight the good parts of it as well. With F-35 it is just a total basing of the F-35. And using half-truths and completely wrong information to do so. It shows me to what level the media has devolved. All I need to know about F-35 is what Russian fighter experts say about it. One stated that he foresee that it will be success just as the F-16 it is replacing.
  7. No. Their job is to report the truth so that people can make informed decisions.
  8. I think a lot of people are going to die by the AIM 54 before they can get close enough to find out that they personally also can't win the dogfight.
  9. 42 Years old. Can't remember exactly started either in 1989 or 1990 on a 286 CPU, 30MB, DOS, etc. Flew missions over the North Cape and Central Europe listening to Def Leppard's Hysteria on a cassette deck Hi-Fi (Had a turn table to). One mission each night before bed. Those were great times. My first proper simulator was Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. Learned there to dogfight.
  10. What about the F-4S or F-4G? I personally love the Phantom and would love one of the last models in DCS.
  11. Just my two cents. Years ago a Microsoft flightsim enthusiast told me how much mil sims suck and how great Microsoft Flight Sim is. Well i could fly the aircraft and land that he gave me to fly. But when I gave him DID F22 to fly he could do jack squat. And I am not talking about the avionics. I like civil sims. But mil sims give you a reason to fly from point A to point B. It is not just like driving a buss.
  12. Welcome to IL2 Modern Battles! To me IL2 and FC/Lockon/DCS have the same feel. And they are all great. IL2 is more about engine management and FC2 more about system management, because of difference in era (1940s vs 1980ish). But that is an oversimplification. Your IL2 skills will come in handy. Fixed wing aircraft will be easier to fly in most respects. But combat is more lethal and it is harder to run from a fight. But now there is missile tactics also. You can run yourself out of fuel more easily as well. But I am rambling. Hope you have a great time.
  13. Truly amazing. I feel fortunate that I get to see this, and that we live in this age.
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