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  1. Can I contact the author of the mod on discord ? My account for contacting Alex Magnum#9258
  2. Currently application is under development in closed beta-test! Dear DCS Community members! As you know, the content makers community is very progressive in DCS World, a lot of enthusiasts drawing outstanding liveries, creating various mods and sharing different profiles for simulator devices. From time to time, users face some issues with manual installation of liveries and mods, it might be a real problem even for a progressive users to figure out the installation paths for some complicated addons. We decided to solve it once and for all, so we are gladly introducing to you our special application - "Skyline Updater". From now on, you will not be forced to check random websites and forums for the updates, installation and manual configuration of your favorite mods and liveries, all of that will be automatically performed, simplifying the process to two clicks of a button! User version of the Updater will include next features: Installation into selected copy of DCS World desired user files (mods, liveries) from catalog; Download joysticks profile files (without installation, amount of profiles and supported models of the joysticks will be increased after application release); VAT Skyline servers monitoring; Availability of updating, enabling/disabling, removing of installed addons, and automatic download and installation newest released version; Simultaneous support of different DCS World clients installed on one PC, independently from each other, with possibility of addons installation and modification in each copy separately; Personal accounts for each user, allowing access to both public files and private content with limited access; Also, there will be a special version of the updater available for content makers with the opportunity of uploading new mods, liveries, profiles and updates for them in the catalog. If you would like to upload private files with the restricted access for individual group of users (for example: for your squadron, aerobatic group or private community) - you may contact us to discuss the terms of private access. Being developed by: SK=65=Magnum, SK=27=Racer, SK=Dimach Special thanks to(may be updated): UIV, MNXAH4NK Contacts: Email: vatskylineupdater@gmail.com Discord: https://discord.gg/c9yh2rAK Discord (SK=65=Magnum): Alex Magnum#9258 Forum: https://vat-skyline.ru/forum/index.php?board=35.0 FAQ: - Where and how can i download this application? At this moment our application is in closed Beta test, exact dates of release are not available right now. That being said, Skyline Updater will be released as soon as possible. - How can i join closed beta? Suddenly, we do not give access to beta, you will be able to use it only after public release. - Does the application will be available for free? Yes, the application will be totally free. - Which operating systems will be support it? Windows (version 7 or higher), which support .NET 5. Besides that, the performance of your PC will be more then enough for our application if you fly in DCS. - What languages are supported in the application? At moment of release, we are planning full Russian and English language support with the option to switch between in the settings. - Is it required to complete registration? Yes, we decided to make the registration mandatory, because of that there is an option to set up the access to the content for individual users or group of users. Also it makes a feedback a lot easier in case of any problems. - How installation of mods/liveries will be functioning? For selected DCS World copy, files of selected content will be downloaded and placed in the main and/or saved games DCS directory (paths of installation will be already programmed in the updater by the content makers who are sharing addons, by using our interface). If original files of the game have to be replaced during the installation, copy of original files will be placed in the backup folder and in case of disabling or deleting the addon - returned back in the game files by the program. - What if my game stops working / files get corrupted? By installing user files, we do not take responsibility of your game functionality and you are responsible for the consequences and risks, as you would manually install the addons. - I am developer/content maker and i want my mod/livery/profile to be available in your application. How can i upload it? On release we will have pre-moderation, content creators will send content for us, and after we check it, we will upload content into Updater. In future for trusted content creators we will provide access to a special version of Updater (as a separate client) with ability to upload content yourself. - I want to publish my mod with restricted access for users/groups, how can I do it? You must contact us and discuss details and terms of publication of your content. Application screenshots: ( because the application is currently under development, current look and interface is not final result and may be changed before release).
  3. Попробую сегодня вечером накидать профиль
  4. Ну не знаю, у меня проблем с висением не наблюдается ! Кривые в DCS крутили ?
  5. Нужен под сам DCS ? Могу только под КА-50 под кабана ещё не делал.
  6. Какой именно трек нужен, что должно там быть ? И какая версия DCS ? Подойдет ли трек с тренировки пилотажа ?
  7. Хахаха, ну если летать без метеоризма то по твоей теории полет будет вполне стабильным.:lol:
  8. zOrg Можете сколько угодно тут за динамику говорить.. проблема в чувствительности РУСа в игре Ну на самом деле если почитать ветку, то проблема у каждого своя и каждый отрицает проблему собеседника ) Очень странно что тема по PFM обретаем тему Флуда по Миг-29
  9. YO-YO, Почему то не могу написать ВАМ в ЛС
  10. Не много не понял смысла данного видео
  11. Хорошая цитата :thumbup:
  12. Глупо сравнивать стиль полетов Blue Angels и стиль Срижей или Соколов.Так как они совсем разные в этом плане.В прочем так-же как и самолеты:music_whistling:
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