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  1. Go to general settings and unmark GAME FLIGHT MODE and GAME AVIONICS. It may help.
  2. Hi, I create and use waypoints: Dortyol -> 302 N36°50.014'/E036°13.361' Long Final 23 N37°07.254'/E035°38.448' 23 Initial (5nm+-) N37°03.003'/E035°30.313' THR 23 N37°00.615'/E035°26.376' Same here!!!! I am having a lot of fun here! Tks
  3. Gents, I made it JSGME friendly: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3321194/ All the best, Sydy
  4. Go to general settings and unmark GAME FLIGHT MODE and GAME AVIONICS. It may help.
  5. LOL… I get your point… But I like the “foreplay”…. My Duke Nukem 3D time is way overdue. What matters is that you’re having fun…
  6. Hi guys, Updated to vs 2.0 Available on this specific topic. All the best, Sydy
  7. Gents, After maturing my ops on the Apache, I decided to update my checklist with some more items that were missing initially. I took the liberty to include part of a picture of George Commands that @BIGNEWY made available in the Mini-update topic. I hope you like it: Available on DCS AH-64D Quick Checklist Day and Night Ops (vs 2.0) User Download Page. All the best, Sydy
  8. Gents, I took the liberty to make a JSGME fix with your instructions and made it available on User files download. I mention the credit for both @Asto and @DanDegen. Available here, on User Files Download page. All the best, Sydy
  9. Thank you for the work around, specially the "guy on Reddit"... And @Asto!
  10. Hi, Just saw that: Apache UN livery Looking forward for your mod!
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