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  1. Yep forcing definitely shows 2.5.1 in the logs, I'm waiting. 00024.892 STATUS: Preparing to torrent... 00024.893 INFO : 24 parts to fetch 00025.322 INFO : Added DCS- 13.2 MB ...
  2. Disregard, removed and repaired my InputEvents.lua and now boat09 responds. Apologies.
  3. Or is this working for other people? Maybe my boat is broken...
  4. Can bind the switch in the GUI/menu manually, however pressing the button has no response in either the menu or in game - only for the viggen. i.e. setting the boat for radar 10aft and radar 09 fore is impossible. This is reproduced both in flight during adjust controls and preflight adjust controls. M
  5. Since it's hitting 1.5.6 beta it should be 2.0 also, right? Sure hope so.
  6. Was a fun flight, visibility and positive ID was rough but still fun nevertheless. Those Mav's sure do lock up quick
  7. Edited first post with video 2 and descriptions for both. Thanks
  8. As jealous as I am of these guys getting promo builds of the Viggen I have to admit seeing this footage really put me at ease with my preorder. Seeing the flight characteristics with SPAK and the autopilots is exactly what I was hoping for. Although updated, being an older era bird I expected things to be much worse in the control department without FBW. Also, a Mav finally being deployed makes me all sorts of happy. While I'm still curious about screen skewing, distance and clarity I am very thankful to Bunyap for giving us a taste. Hopefully they'll still be fairly easy to deploy on ground targets as well, adding a new screen filter would certainly complicate this. Thanks LN she is a beauty - two more weeks!
  9. Bunyap fired a maverick at the end of his video. Put my fears at ease quite honestly.
  10. Enjoy. I know I did! Test Flight #1 - Cockpit familiarization, Maverick deployment 8-ruePxDKQE Test Flight #2 - Rb 05 Missile, P/O Mode Landing xOjVqA5lxb4 Test Flight #3 - Mission Planning, Start-up Part 1 ra1obNtGAN8 Test Flight #4 - Start-up Part 2, Taxi, Takeoff zUccavI_bYY Test Flight #5 - Visual/Radar Nav Fix, TERNAV k11KKQY4QlQ Test Flight #6 - HUD, Ground Collision Avoidance System, ARAK Rocket Delivery j9aMl0yiOOQ Test Flight #7 - Radar System, CCIP HD Bomb Delivery id4-v6HAiV0 Test Flight #8 - TILS System, Autothrottle Landing, Shutdown YmnZm0aWI70 Test Flight #9 - Level Bomb Delivery, Precision Mode Dive Bomb Delivery Sb9bpVPf2RY -M :music_whistling:
  11. Happy New Year They both look great, thanks for the shots.
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