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  1. Yup, there's a new one. https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-desk-mount-s.html
  2. Interesting, that doesn't sound like the expected behaviour at all though since as others have said the AJS radar (PS-37/A) isn't able to "lock" onto air targets to provide target information to the missiles, it's really a ground/recognisance radar that was able to look up slightly for ranging. Afaik, it should only able to range the targets for you to determine if you are within missile range. :joystick:
  3. Read a few posts up and you will note that c0ff told you the answer already:
  4. You never needed to have the openbeta installed previously to install the 2.5 update, the command sithspawn reffered to will work with the stable branch aswell as it will convert the stable install to beta.
  5. FAT32 only supports files up to 4GB in size each, that might be the issue.
  6. They are also engines created by companies with billions of dollars of funding available with massive teams. ED is a relatively small company in comparison, and that makes things like that even more difficult. It's very impressive to me what they are able to do with the resources they have. :-)
  7. RaXha

    2.5 Gamma

    Doesn't that depend entirely on the display you are using? :-)
  8. Anyone with a complete download could try seeding the files using the torrents located in the DCS World folders. I'm at work right now so i can't give the exact location but I'm seeding the base 2.5 download right now. While updating the torrents can be found in the DCS World folder. I started downloading using those files yesterday and I'm seeding all the 15 or so torrent files right now.
  9. Well, there's a difference in ED implementing something like this in their modules and a third party doing it. ED has a more direct access to the engine than the third parties does, but hopefully that does mean that they will be adding some kind of API to the SDK to support this
  10. I was just tring to find it and it doesn't seem to be available as a keybind. In swedish the selecotrs on that panel are called, from left to right: Modväljare KB (Mode Selector KB) Rems-/Fackelväljare (Chaff/flare selector) Stråkväljare (Passage selector) I can find the mode selector in the controlls settings but not the chaff/flare selector.
  11. I see you have low FPS as a known issue, but that it hasn't been a problewm for you. I just tried this campaign and I'm getting no more than 3-4 FPS, normally i have it stable around 50-60 no issues. Any thoughts? Even when the F10 map is open i get just 2 FPS. xD
  12. It's not flying yet, according to Håkan Andersson of SwAFHF. It will hopefully be ready by the next air show season.
  13. Great! I was looking for this book earlier this summer, but was never able to get hold of one. Thanks for finding this! :D
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