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  1. And VUAF is in 2 days, if they don't fix that problem VUAF will be in huge problem with all organisation. :joystick:
  2. Hi I have problem that started today. Simply when I enter DCS World and click to Connect, there it appers window and writing Connect to master..and I wait, and wait, and wait. Waiting for 5 minutes, nothing happend. I have module fc3 nothing more. Anybody? :helpsmilie:
  3. Fantastic refueling from (A&D)**Storm**[33] upload image online free
  4. Hello everybody! Here is my video from Virtual Aerobatics server and some screenshots :) http://youtube/BRWmmYSOZlU upload gifs free photo hosting pictures upload
  5. Hello friends Here is my first video in DCS World. Hope yoou like it. ;) :pilotfly:
  6. I have the same problem. I lubricate that part of x52, but there is no effect. I use spray that was recommended by colleague, Ballistol spray, he used the same one and it helped for him but not for me. any suggestion?
  7. Hello I have a little problem, in dcs version 1.2.7 I was having this maneuver enabled. Today I was update my DCS World to 1.2.8 and I can't enable this maneuver anymore. I need this maneuver because I'm practicing for virtual airshow. Can anybody tell me how to enable cobra maneuver? Thanks
  8. Hello can somebody tell me where I can find template of new Il-76 like this one? http://s007.radikal.ru/i301/1106/50/9fdcaa35e127.jpg thanks :)
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