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  1. Ah I see. I've tried it in the F18 however if it's a probe issue I see how this is the same thing. The tanker I'm trying it on is the KC- 135
  2. Tacview-20210212-205013-DCS-Fun Times.zip.acmi Is this a trackfile using Tacview? - If so PFA.
  3. I've tried this in multiple aircraft with comms sets to 'easy communications' On and Off - The AI Tanker is unresponsive when call up to refuel. This is in single player. I've ensured I tried the keyboard easy options and harder HOTAS radio transmit options to test, Jester (F14) option and still have an unresponsive AI Tanker.
  4. Thank you for your reply. on the one I'm trying with the MI-8 the LUA file says 'countries = {"UK"}' but still no luck :(
  5. Hi, I'm sure this is on the forums somewhere but everything I've found and tried doesn't work and I'm giving up hope! Can someone please explain how to install skins to aircraft in 2.5? I've tried creating a 'Liveries' folder in DCS folder under 'User', 'Saved Games' and creating an aircraft folder with exactly the same name as the DCS, mod, aircraft file. Also does JSMSE still work and does it work for 2.5 because that's the only way people seem to explain it differently by but to my knowledge it doesn't exist now? Thank you
  6. Can someone please explain how to program Dynamic Weather in 2.5. I need a dummies guide :D
  7. Looks awesome! Looking forward to it!
  8. How long do you anticipate for release Viper?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I literally do that but still no joy haha!
  10. I know I'm being stupid as no one else seems to have this problem... BUT I can't seem to even start the campaign as I always fail the start-up procedures as my EAC never aligns in time even though it's like 1st priority for me...:helpsmilie: I hit NAV on the CDU and switch over too EGI but time is against me... Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know the fuel plan calculation rate for the huey? The manual doesn't specify exactly. Cheers
  12. Keep up the good work bro! This looks amazing. Exactly what DCS needs!
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