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  1. Hi folks, I am running Windows 7 which as you all know, supports DirectX9, 10 and 11. My graphics card is a older one, GeForce GTX 560Ti, does it support DirectX 11? Also, if I install different flight sim games, all of them are DirectX 9c only, when it asks to install DirectX9c, and I say "yes", does each install over-write the previous one? Are all the DirectX9c contains same DLL files? Thanks! Device6
  2. Hi, I just checked my other email box and found there was an email from DCS dated 5 Jun offering a promotional price of FC3 and others at $19.99! Is that over already?
  3. Python, After weeks of research, I've finally found what we have been hoping for. It's Aerofly Despite the speed is over-exaggerated, but the plane does fly speedily!! At least, it shows that is possible to implement:thumbup:
  4. This one also shows some real sense of speed This is also very interesting
  5. If you look harder, after taking off, the JATO is off...its speed is faster. It's not like a ship cruising...
  6. I am thinking using Time Acceleration feature, but is that 'real' say 2X? I have just discovered a video of a MiG-21 taking off, it is even faster than FC2 Su-33 or MiG-29!? Also and sub-sonic
  7. Time is running out. But I can still have a few hours everyday to look at flight simulation games I like. If lucky, heart failure precedes chemo treatment, I rather take that for less pain reason. I have modified the youtube link so now every one should be able to watch the videos. Gorgeous EDGE is, hope it doesn't raise the hardware requirement though.
  8. I have found the same issues in many flight simulation games except perhaps H.A.W.X. or Ace Combat series. While everything from aircraft, cockpit, flight model, weapons and even scenery are all nicely made down to the very last details, speed seems to be exceptionally simulated. When I was flying the Su-25T and Su-33, I don't find much difference when I was doing a low level flying at a speed in excess of 500 knots of the Su-33 compared to Su-25T at 350 knots. Why is that so?
  9. After waiting for more than 10 years, we have hot something like EDGE and Oculus Rift. Hope there are still enough time for me to see them in actions before my stage 2 cancer turning into terminal.
  10. I have done a little bit of research on the subject in the last couple of weeks. There is a significant advance in texture rendering, giving us impressive visual enjoyment across a spectrum of objects including aircraft, armor vehicle, naval vessel and among all, terrain and scenery. After nearly 3 years away from flight simulation games, many popular titles have been dusted in my games library which actually is a plastic movable container cubic box. I have re-install Falcon BMS, Flanker 2, IL-2, Lockon, Flaming Cliffs 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration (Gold Edition) and DCS World. Then I started to look at each of these games and incidentally, I bumped into names like ORBX, Active Sky Next and then I began to look into FSX scenery and weather engine. After spending a day playing with FSX, and watching a great number of video on youtube, I have a question in mind: why is it such difficult for developers to work on improving the scenery objects and terrain in FSX? I watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CtVgQ6fNqU, it's a capture of IL2 Cliffs of Dover, a less popular title, start from 12'45'', see how the games populates ground objects like houses, trees or forests more precisely, roads, beaches and coast line. This is not an arcade game, it also requires equally mastery of piloting skills when flying the aircraft in-game just like those in FSX. This is War Thunder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmETuHTlHCE, check out from 8'15'' to 8'45'', I can hardly tell apart from the fighter planes themselves are graphics renedered objects, the landscape, terrain and weather that form the whole scenery is computer image or real world scenery! What I am trying to say is that, how difficult is that for FSX to build something like that? The game has many photo-realistic planes, but when they fly inside the 'world' they just don't match very well!! And then I looked at Falcon 4 BMS, it's an outdated graphics engine, but the terrain still look good from high altitude, only when you fly low then you will see meshes or patches of colored tiles roughly drawn. IL-2 is a different story. The terrain is layered. So looking from above is great, and low leveling flying still manages to make you perceive that is a grassland with some trees here and there. I just wish that more and more flight simulation games will achieve something like Wings of Prey, Cliffs of Dover and War Thunder in the scenery and weather departments.
  11. Device6

    F-14D WIP

    Hey Ny, What is the maximum speed of your F-14 when flying low altitude close to the ground?
  12. Considering the first fighter jet outside DCSW...I will have to save my lunch for that
  13. What is the maximum speed of this model? And how much is it going to be?
  14. I have just found this impressive video, not sure whether it is an in-game recording though . I think that is FSX, do you folks know does it mean FSX Acceleration, if so I have it and I really want to buy that F-15. Back to the original discussion, here forms my opinion: the last couple of days especially the weekends, I have done a little research work. I have also spent 15 minutes on DCSW because I have purchased my new HOTAS, last one was a Thrust Master HOTAS back in 1999 when Falcon 4 came out. I gave it to a friend coz it's too big for my hands. My new HOTAS is Saitek X52 by the way, it's not brilliant, but Okay. What impressed me when playing DCSW is that I find the entire environment being a true war theatre, comparable to Falcon 4 back in the old days. Of course, the graphics is way better now. DCS excels in the graphics department as the original Flanker 2.0 did. More importantly, DCSW gives me a feeling that its AI capabilities and qualities are rather high. Some AI exhibit a handicapped wingman who never listens to your commands. And from the AI, you see real battles, in the air, on the ground and over the sea. More realistically, not every Alamo hits their target even it is a slow flying Apache or A-10. That makes sense, because today, we have IR deterrent measure which intelligently divert IR missiles. Not to mention that the game models partial damage in to great details, bird strikes like small little holes all over the airframe of the Flanker and it's still flying coz no major damages. But then on the other front, FSX F-15E video shows equally impressive visual ate on weather, highly rendered landscape and that sense of speed. BUT, it has no combat simulation, that's is like a well baked cake served without custard or a tasty Yorkshire pudding without some essential ingredients. So it's really debatable, but I am willing to buy the FSX F-15E and the IRIS F-22. Equally, I am interested in the forthcoming F-18 and definitely my beloved MiG-21bis. I believe I will spend more time in the Hornet and Fishbed for real combat experience yet, on and off flying the F-15E and F-22 to get the real feel of those MFD and buttons, not ot mention the real world scenery which might take me to Sweden and Norway Alps. :;
  15. Device6

    F-15E Eagle

    Would there be a F-15E just like this one
  16. It is just like Apple Store, where each app submitted has to be tested before release to ensure good quality. Yet, it is good to have such standard policy in place so as to attract more modders to enrich DCS Integrated Battlefield in the years to come. I don't mind paying a bit more actually if it is so crafted as displayed here. I would imagine that in time, we will have a great number of aircrafts in DCS World. As a matter of fact, I have been dreaming about this for a real long time. A while ago, there was one Nova World where F-22, MiG-29 and F-16 can fight against each other online. Then I thought, if only there would be more aircrafts supported. Another brand has produced many many aircrafts and lots of modded aircrafts but it lacks a space where everyone can join up to play. I really look forward to the MiG-21 and more as good as this one in the near future. Thanks for the great work.
  17. Hi folks, I have just purchased a Saitek X52 Flight Control System, a great piece of work. But there are so many switches, buttons...etc I have DCSW. What is the nest mapping for the Hat Switch and POV? Ihave TrackIR 4 Pro, so I dont need the POV. Also, what do you folks use the Rotaries for? And the slider, what is the best mapping for it. The mouse is really cool for my dusted BS1.
  18. Speechless I am! When is it due out?
  19. Excuse me Cobra847, I am confused. Is the 2nd pic a real MiG-21 or it's your work in progress, a DCS MiG-21?
  20. Great, I will have to save some dollars for a touch screen monitor for next year then.
  21. Thanks for your reply. Actually, I have Black Shark 1 but never really played it coz years ago my PC was too slow for that. But then now I missed those hardcore button operations, and just wonder if it supports some touch-screen monitor which is now very common. I do have TrackIR 4 Pro and last night, I checked its functions again after nearly 3 years leaving it in the store room. It works brilliantly. Now what I wish are 1) get the Oculus Rift 2) hoping the games will support touch screen in the future.
  22. Thanks for clearing my mind. So, I just stick to my TrackIR for the time being.
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