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  1. Anyone else experience stutters after starting a flight in VR with the Rift S, give it 10 minutes or so, take headset off to get a drink, go to the toilet, take a nap etc. come back put headset back on and frames have dropped by half. Only way out it seems is to go back to restart DCS and make sure you complete the flights and wet your pants as you cant leave the cockpit. Seems to happen more on the Syria map. Any suggestions or solutions ?
  2. Thanks mate, will try that and see what happens.
  3. I have a group of 25 insurgents i want to follow way-points across the city of Raqqa, the group spawns at mission start but the lead wont move, the others catch up with lead then stop with lead ? No triggers involved, they just spawn at mission should start and walk about. I have tried to force lead to a way-point both on and off road but he wont move. Created another group of insurgents elsewhere on the map with the same results. Any ideas ?
  4. I cant say there is a bug, I cant replicate it, The autopilot system is working fine for me, tried on numerous occasions under differing scenarios, no problem. Open Beta
  5. I didn't notice any performance issues when I fly the mig so will try again shortly. Will check and monitor for cpu spikes with my system both 2d and vr with Rift S. Will report back.
  6. Abandonment :megalol: Who said development had ceased ... nope, didn't think so. When you buy into Beta you have bugs, im sure there was no time set to have a full release, unless I missed something ? Who decided Razbam didn't have a bug tracker in use and couldn't be bothered to track bugs ? History of deleting bug reports is probably because the majority of reports are not bugs and just user error. Snarky posts; with comments and statements like yours im not surprised. Abuse of Admin privileges :lol: Here's a good idea, how about not buying a product in Beta if your patience gets the better of you and wait until final release to avoid disappointment and the need to post "Snarky Comments" as you put it? Anyway that's me done ... carry on, as im sure you will, I have no more to say on this matter :music_whistling:
  7. Yeah, seems the issue maybe with the chosen few, unfortunately.
  8. I think thats why its called "Early Access" ! Early Access is an option for you to play this module in an early state, but it will be incomplete with bugs. The time a product remains in Early Access can vary widely based on the scope of the project, technical hurdles, and how complete the module is when it enters Early Access. Eagle Dynamics and all of our third parties strive to make this period as short as possible. An Early Access module can be played on both the Open Beta and Release versions of DCS World. Once the module exits Early Access, you will automatically have the Release version. Nuff said.
  9. I see no performance issue with the Mig19, buttery smooth along with any other module I expect to perform within the DCS library.
  10. Yep, seen too, does it looking left rear or right rear, suddenly zooms out. Not a massive issue but i can see how it can be annoying for the external eye candy users.
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else have problems getting ground vehicles and infantry to follow way-points in the Normandy map ? I've tried trains, armour, infantry, they either sit there doing nothing or go out on a random jaunt site seeing across the country side and through peoples back gardens ? Tried both on and off road, same result. DCS OB version
  12. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjYJfstgucA0gP5RVQCWLhZSDkHmvg
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