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  1. That is the only picture of the A-8 that I have seen, was the normal paint scheme with him sitting on the cockpit edge. Thanks for the info. As a side note, Moritz said he saw this plane later in the war
  2. W. Mortiz tail number is 681382 Also he did not have the black nose, only the Yellow chin color, but nice work
  3. I too am in favor of the Revi 16B gun sight. I prefer it in this plane.
  4. Thanks for the reply I was wondering how to do it. I guess I am use to IL2 and it's Quick Mission Builder
  5. need help This sound very interesting, so I tried to do it. But nothing worked. I am having trouble with this game. Or I am too old to figure it out. I need help, mostly direction, as how to set up a flight in a 109 or 190 to attack a B-17 formation. Do need an additional file? or is every thing already in game? Thanks for any help is appreciated.
  6. I have a general question about these entries. What does the true and false do at the end of the entry? I noticed that each skin is different entries. Thanks
  7. I just used these as an example of the difference between the different skins. I copied the selected .dds texture in the folder to the main file for the skin. I will play with it some more and will let you know
  8. I have a question. In the description after each .dds there is a true or false. What does the true or false do to the skin? I noticed that the entries in the description for different skins sometimes are different. Like; livery = { {"FW-190_01", 0 ,"FW_190_genth_01",false}; {"FW-190_02", 0 ,"FW_190_genth_02",false}; {"FW-190_03", 0 ,"FW_190_genth_03",false}; {"FW-190_04", 0 ,"FW_190_genth_04",false}; {"FW-190_01", 1 ,"Fw-190_Nm_01",false}; {"FW-190_02", 1 ,"Fw-190_Nm_02",false}; {"FW-190_03", 1 ,"Fw-190_Nm_03",false}; {"FW-190_04", 1 ,"Fw-190_Nm_04",false}; {"FW-190_01", 2 ,"fw_190_spec_01",false}; {"FW-190_02", 2 ,"fw_190_spec_02",false}; {"FW-190_03", 2 ,"fw_190_spec_03",false}; {"FW-190_04", 2 ,"fw_190_spec_04",false}; {"FW-190_BORT_NUMBER", 0 ,"empty",true}; {"FW-190_NUMBER_GB", 0 ,"empty",true}; } name = "Karl-Georg Genth, Yellow 15, JG 26" id = 0 countries = {"GER",} compared to; livery = { {"FW-190_01", 0 ,"FW-190_01",false}; {"FW-190_02", 0 ,"FW-190_02",false}; {"FW-190_03", 0 ,"FW-190_03",false}; {"FW-190_04", 0 ,"FW-190_04",false}; {"FW-190_01", 1 ,"FW_190_NM_01",true}; {"FW-190_02", 1 ,"FW_190_NM_02",true}; {"FW-190_03", 1 ,"FW_190_NM_03",true}; {"FW-190_04", 1 ,"FW_190_NM_04",true}; {"FW-190_01", 2 ,"FW_190_Spec_01",false}; {"FW-190_02", 2 ,"FW_190_Spec_02",false}; {"FW-190_03", 2 ,"FW_190_Spec_03",false}; {"FW-190_04", 2 ,"FW_190_Spec_04",false}; {"FW-190_BORT_NUMBER", 0 ,"empty",true}; {"FW-190_BORT_NUMBER", DECAL ,"empty",true}; {"FW-190_NUMBER_GB", 0 ,"empty",true}; {"FW-190_NUMBER_GB", DECAL ,"empty",false}; } name = "FW-190D9_JG3 Luftwaffe Udet" id = 0 countries = { "GER", } I am thinking that this maybe some of the problem. Thanks
  9. I have been loading the FW190D skins When I select some of the skins I noticed that the back half of the plane from the rear of the cockpit back is pixelated. What is going on? Are these planes an older version of DCS World? Are there any fixes for this problem?
  10. How do I get the code out of the readme from the 4.0 zip files? I have tried RAR and 7zip, or do I need to pay somewhere?
  11. Thanks Is that the Mods folder or the _Mods folder? I am new to this game and the learning curve is great to me. I am having trouble flying it now, but will learn. have been flying IL2 and all it's versions, FSX and CFS3
  12. Thanks But being a dumb ass, Is there anything to do to your pack to work in JSGE? Or do you just drop the pack into the Mod folder. Will the selected skin then show up in single mission? thanks
  13. This maybe a stupid question, unfortunately I do not have time to really research it. How do you change the skins in the game? I work out of town and have been gone the past 8 months, next is Texas for another 7 to 8 months, so no time to enjoy these. My plans are to do a skin when I get a layoff next year Thanks
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