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  1. hands down! one of the best. thank you
  2. you have to create your own Mods-folder in save game, when you don*t have a Mods-Folder.
  3. Hi, it would be awesome when George set up his front cockpit by its own when I (pilot) start from cold and dark . I did a cold and dark start in the pilot seat. After I took off i switched to George`s seat, some systems are still turned off, the IHADSS was not aligned etc. would be awesome when he would do this by its own. regards Josh
  4. Ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen, das Außenmodell und Texturen hat mich NOCH nicht überzeugt. Da haben Heatblur und ED andere Maßstäbe gesetzt. Aber noch ist nicht alle Tage Abend...
  5. The reason why the IAF choose the desert camo..
  6. Hi Guys, the greek livery don't show up when you select Greece in the Mission-Editor. Add "GRC" in the description file under countries = {"Greece","GRC"} and the livery should show up. the decription file can be found: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\AH-64D\Liveries\AH-64D_BLK_II\1st Attack Helicopter Battalion Greece regards Josh
  7. is there a mod to add pilots in the cockpit(external). looks a bit strange.. a flying blackhawk without pilots.
  8. he is back! still hoping for the iraq and the norwegian skin
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