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  1. Yes, I confirm that it is not possible to start engine no. 2 on the Syria Scud Buster mission SO I thought when the wind affects the functioning of ILS. What if the outside temperature affects engine start. I lowered the temperature from 36°C to 29°C in the mission editor and the engine started.
  2. Hi, do You have Gun shake animation, belt motion,...? because I don't see it in external view. 1:10
  3. Yeah, wingman was moved to better parking spot, but no one expect that Tested 3x times
  4. Yeah, It's like HSD/offset cursor is NORTH oriented with own aircraft. So for me It gives me zero information.
  5. Disregard. In second attempt it is fine. In first time I accidentally gave them order via F10 to Engage and Rejoin.
  6. Astonishing mission. I wish I can edit it for COOP version mission. The Transport Flight "Red and White" disappear after 3,5 min.
  7. Hi Reflected, how is the situation with Flak? Is better now in 2.7?
  8. Hi there in update 27.1. there has been a change for barometric pressure knob sensitivity. For mouse control that's fine, I can easily set the hundreds. 29.92->29.93->29.94 and back But for press keyboard or joystick the pressure jumps more about 5-8. 29.92->29.98->30.06 backwards ->30.00-> 29.95-> 28.87 .... I think, In past the sensitivity for keyboard was not been as much like nowadays. The "Jump" was 2-3. Barometric pressure knob sensitivity.trk
  9. attempt 10 My amraam just climb above Su27, like no tracking. Look for friendly's F18 missiles. They shot in range 23nm. Amraams fly strait forward then they make hard right turn. Next goupe of amraams lock R-77s. Tacview-20210127-220947-DCS fail10.zip.acmi
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