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  1. Not sure if it was some of the recent updates or if the export repair fixed it, but the A-10 gun effect is working again and the beer placed in the cockpit cupholder is foaming again every time the trigger second detent is pressed. This is diamond.
  2. Yet another cinematic done. Updated to the first post
  3. Thanks for fixing the hornet right engine rumble, it is now working.
  4. Both, edited to the previous post. Worked perfectly fine with the same settings some time ago.
  5. So the hornet right engine rumble does not work, that's confirmed. Regarding the gun, could it be that the effect is working but being clipped out by other high amplitude effects? I have both, Jetseat in USB mode and 2 x Buttkickers with sound module. Worked perfectly before. Tested stable and beta versions of simshaker without success, also fresh install.
  6. It's obviously disabled. Does someone actually use unlimited ammo? Hornet right engine rumble (non-afterburner rumble) and hornet/warthog guns still not working. Other effects are working fine.
  7. Simshaker has for some time now had the bug where at least the following effects are completely missing: - F-18 right engine rumble (You can easily notice this when you are at the ramp starting your right engine first. Left engine effect is working fine.) - F-18 cannon/gun fire - A-10C cannon/gun fire (Quite fundamental effect for this particular plane) I have asked two other friends (similar setup) to test these and they are missing them as well. Hope to get this fixed soon. Regardless of this small issue, thanks for the magnificent product.
  8. A few things you have to note regarding the degrees and trigonometric functions: - The zero of a trigonometric unit circle is at 3 o'clock while the compass bearing zero is at 12 o'clock position - The degrees in the unit circle grow counter-clockwise while in compass they grow clockwise - You have to be careful with the sign of the sin/cos/tan functions and the degrees because these functions are periodic. For example sin(0) = sin(Pi) and tan(Pi/4) = tan(5Pi/4). - The getWind function does not seem to work if the vec3 elevation is set to 0 - The new offset waypoint should be far enough from the initial position You can do the math in different ways, but below is a working code (based on the above posts) that changes the carrier heading and matches the actual wind + ship movement speed to 25 knots, or minimum of 5 knots if the wind is over 20 knots. Note that I did not yet check the difference between magnetic and true headings since I don't remember how the editor and triggers handle them. Other than that, the script is working and the carrier is realigning by itself. function carrier_realign(carrier_unit) local BRA = nil -- compass bearing in degrees local wind = nil local desired_wind = 25 -- desired wind over the deck in knots local min_velocity = 5 -- minimum carrier velocity in knots if Unit.getByName(carrier_unit) then local pos1 = Unit.getByName(carrier_unit):getPosition().p if pos1 ~= nil then pos1.y = 200 wind = atmosphere.getWind(pos1) local dir = math.atan2(wind.z, wind.x) + math.pi / 2 if dir < 0 then dir = dir + 2 * math.pi end local abs_wind_velocity = math.sqrt((wind.z)^2 + (wind.x)^2) local cruise_speed = nil if abs_wind_velocity > (desired_wind - min_velocity) * 0.51444 then -- 1 knot = 0.51444 m/s cruise_speed = 0.51444 * min_velocity else cruise_speed = 0.51444 * (desired_wind - abs_wind_velocity) end group1 = Unit.getGroup((Unit.getByName(carrier_unit))) --grime's code local new = {} new.x = mist.utils.deepCopy(mist.utils.round((math.cos(dir+math.pi/2) * 10000) + pos1.x)) new.y = mist.utils.deepCopy(mist.utils.round((math.sin(dir+math.pi/2) * 10000) + pos1.z)) --send that to unit local path = {} path[#path + 1] = mist.ground.buildWP(pos1, 'Diamond', cruise_speed) path[#path + 1] = mist.ground.buildWP(new, 'Diamond', cruise_speed) mist.goRoute(group1 ,path) end end return BRA end carrier_realign('unit1')
  9. A new hornet cinematic online. Updated to the first post.
  10. Another cinematic online. Updated to the first post.
  11. A new Viggen cinematic online. Embedded to the first post.
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