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  1. Spitfire canopy bug Anyone else noticed that when opening the spirfire canopy in open beta it looks like the canopy is still closed by the plexiglass still being there. Please fix
  2. Same problem 1+ i have the same problem, tried to play with the static templates.
  3. How does the static templates work? Guide? can't save in mission editor when using it...
  4. So me and ny friend tried a mission I made. Where we had to fly a bit first and then refuel. But after about 20 mins in the air our game just freezes and we have to manually go into task manager and close the game. This happens with both the center and wing tanks. We flew the whole mission with no problem other than me being shot down, with no external tanks. I did not seem like the game made a crash log because it just stops responding at we manually have to close it down. Please look at this..!
  5. Hello, so i thought that the C101 is so awesome! And im feeling like a king while flying it :D But ive noticed when im landing in it, it actually does the most of the landing by it self... Like i've noticed that it like teleport a half meter down to the runway and like sticks there... Im not able to lift one side of the plane while taking off like the A-10 or F15, where they can just roll over under startup, and this is actually annoying me pretty much... Please does anyone have a solution of this mabey someting in settings? "hope it is understandable, or else just let me know and i'll try again..." (btw the hawk does it too)
  6. Hello All. I normally have 50-60 FPS while flying in dcs, but when ever i look inside the C101 i drops to 25-30 and it is like that on most of the airports? in both multiplayer and singleplayer.. i dosent go above 30! Right when i turn electronics in it just looses 25FPS and sometime 30 when i turn on the engine, im not motivated to fly it because it has such a low Fps? :( Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit MSI Geforce GTX760 4 GB overclocked. Corei5 3.10Ghz 6GB 980mhz ram 1920x1080 screen Asrock extreme 4 motherboard please help :(
  7. DCS World 1.2.15 Please tell me what they updated in the new DCS World 1.2.15! I Cant seem to find anything?:doh:
  8. sorry im new to the forums
  9. So.. forget it i dident fix it... after a restart it did it again
  10. I fixed the issue finally after 3 weeks... i just downgraded the Nvidia driver and it was fixed...
  11. So, after flying for a bit, in this etc on a WW2 server i get kicked out after flying for a little bit.. how can this be? please help... my connection is fine and quite fast connection, what can be the issue... its quite annoying i can only fly for about 10 min before getting kiced out?
  12. Hello, i've used this GTX 760 for some months now, and suddently i can't play any games over 30Fps anymore... and my customer wont do anything when they dont have the card in stock anymore.. my card is not overheated because im monitoring the temprature and im turning the fan up to 100% everytime i play... when im using Kombuster to benchmark nothing seems wrong really, i can take Lakes of Titan at over 100fps for 1 hour+. but when im playing games ive got some giant fps loss.... so, it just started a weekend, suddently when i opened DCS i was at 18FPS and restart reinstalled the game and when i just deleted it for rage reasons i seemed to have no problems at all and when it is installed i can suddently play arma 2 on much higher graphics than ever before? i can run it at 170% at max graphics with 55-60+ fps?????? but dcs is just... but as i said when it was deleted there where no problems to see, i use The Forest as test for my GPU and it was at 60+ fps all the time, but yesterday i downloaded dcs again, and i got used to having no problems so i just opened it at it was at god damn 17FPS again, and when i ran The Forest it was at 20 fps not higher than that. then i restarted my PC and the Forest was still running at 20 FPS so i tried to run Falcon BMS 4,32... it was at 60+FPS and no issues there, but The Forest was still... And now im here trying to find a fix because i would really like to play DCS again soon, when i check MSI afterburner it is at 99% usage of my GPU... and when i first got it i ran DCS at maxmimum with 60fps... Please help... :cry: GTX760 4GB OC, CORE I5 3.10 Ghz, Windows 7 Home premium 64bit, 6GB DDR3 ram.
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