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  1. I really want to see the F-111 Aardvark, or the 'Pig' as we called it here in Australia. :thumbup: How could anybody say no to it! The amazing swing wings, capable of mach 2.5, terrain radar... I could go on! Who wouldn't want to scream through valleys with the Terrain Following Radar and enough ordnance hanging off your plane to blast any enemies into next week. :megalol: :pilotfly: Just look at it! :wub: :wub:
  2. The 20 mm cannons' feeding mechanism was very, very prone to jamming under high G-loading whilst performing high-speed maneuvers, this is probably why it achieved so many kills with its sidewinders. I do believe that you are correct about the F-13 only having thirty round I found some info regarding the Lightnings cannons, they had a capacity of 130 rounds each.
  3. In most training aircraft that are two-seaters, or 'tubs' you see all of the students inputs on the throttle, stick and switches, that is why we want two seater 'trainers', as they're more realistic, and having two people sitting in the front would be both unrealistic and pretty weird. :huh: But that's just my opinion though.
  4. In case you guys are interested I found some stats on the F-8, not sure if they're helpful or not, Performance :pilotfly: Dry thrust (no afterburner) - 10,700 lbf Thrust with afterburner - 18,000 lbf Max Speed (Sea level) - Mach 1.2 Max Speed (at altitude) - Mach 1.7+ Service ceiling - 17,680m (58,000 ft) Rate of climb - 19,000 feet per-minute Maximum range - 870nm Aircraft Dimensions Length -54.5 ft Wingspan - 35.6 ft Height - 15.75 ft Weight Empty - 17,836 lb MTOW - 34,100 lb if I find more specs I will add them to this post. :pilotfly:
  5. What the heck is the sound at around 2:23 in the video, it sounds like a cat 'meowing'? :huh: :lol::megalol: [YOUTUBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=144&v=gwgdp-jDtEM[/YOUTUBE] :megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol:
  6. I'd be more than happy to pay 100$+ for one of these sticks! :thumbup: Keep up the great work buddy, you should get a kickstarter going! :thumbup: :pilotfly:
  7. I'm making this thread after the last one I made about finding the story behind the image of the canopy-less F-14 (thanks everybody that helped in that thread!), this time anybody can feel free to post their own photos they have questions about, I'll get the ball rolling with these two, This one is interesting, a farmer waving an AK-47 in front of an Apache? What? I've trying to find the story behind this image for a while but have never been able to get an answer, maybe I am just not searching hard enough. :helpsmilie: This image I am intrigued about, just as to how a Fishbed managed to get on a Hornets six o'clock? (It may have only been there very briefly though, haha! :hehe:) Any help with these images is appreciated, feel free to post your own images/question here. :thumbup: :pilotfly:
  8. I'm pretty sure they did that so that if there was a problem on landing and the aircraft crashes it is less likely to go up in flames, it also makes the aircraft lighter as well, which would help in this scenario.
  9. Thank you both! Very interesting read! Though I still can't comprehend how you accidently set off an ejection seat, haha. :lol: :doh:
  10. Anybody know what happened here? No canopy...and ugh, where did the RIO go? :lol: :doh: If anybody knows what happened here feel free to share, I'm quite curious as to how this managed to happen. :lol:
  11. Any chance that I could have my nickname changed to Bushranger?
  12. I guess that explains a lot, thanks. :) I would still like to see the guncam working like on the MiG-15 so I could get some gun cam shots with F-15s in my sights. :lol: :pilotfly:
  13. If I'm not mistaken I believe the Egyptians used them when they were fighting the Israelis? I could be wrong, I'll try and find some images. EDIT: Found this image.
  14. Maybe something like this happened? Heck, it might even be the same aircraft. :music_whistling: (Watch the first clip)
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