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  1. Using stable version latest update. Everything working fine until the last moment when she is just a little high and misses the wires to Bolter. All operations are fine. Tried three attempts then landed manually. Not sure if this is already being looked at or fixed for next update.
  2. This started happening after the latest update to Stable. I have tried multiple positions for cats when hosting but when player joins and hooks up, as soon as that happens, he springs in the air and bursts into flames. I have only been using the F18 so not sure about other planes. I will be checking later. Tried mission with just my plane and everything worked fine.
  3. Just updated to latest Stable version. Placed a heavy in ME and tried to add more but nothing happens. Any info would be great.
  4. Couldnt agree more. Multiplayer is now much more better. The sync has made a huge difference when flying with friends.
  5. Thanks for that Norman99. Shame really as it makes flights more interesting. I did notice that with a 2nd AI flight alongside, they worked fine so will just have separate AI groups and use the Follow command and like you say, my group, RTB Cheers
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I have 3 wingmen with me on flight. Everything goes great until I land and they are on finals. They start saying "Rejoining" and doesn't stop. I had to exit flight as it was driving me mad. Anyone had this problem and is there a setting in ME to stop this? I'm going to keep looking but any help will be great.
  7. Will do. Thanks for the info.
  8. Are many of these fab liveries able to be used with both planes or is there a marked difference? Cheers
  9. Yes, I realise that. I have used both and tested them both today. The SRS has an original or larger radio stack. So I dont bother. I just use the original and it works great for me. Cheers
  10. Wasted so much time with discord pratting about, so hope someone might be able to help. The only problem I am having is with the Overlay. I can have the original text overlay fine, but every time I try the new radios Overlay, it will not show up and is always in background of dcs. I can only view it by starting it and then load dcs. As soon as I click on it to move it, it disappears again. Not too worried if it is bugged as I can disable it and use the text version. Cheers
  11. Thanks Recluse. I found the problem. After going back into the ME, I noticed that the 1st target elevation had changed, from 7 to 404ft. So no wonder it was off. After setting the Elevation to 0, I might have done something to alter it. Anyway, after rechecking my mission, all works great. Many thanks for the input to jog my memory Cheers
  12. Hey Fruitbat Yes, I set it to Zero and notice that it then sets itself to the altitude. Its strange why it worked in testing, but was a few hundred metres off. So I had to slew and TDC depress. I am going to test later on and see what happens. Cheers
  13. Yes, but I will check it out again. I always check by hovering the mouse over the area to make sure. Then input the elevation to the waypoint in ME.
  14. Using JDAMS and Tpod, Waypoint Designate, the Tpod slews over target OK in test mission (not in multiplayer). Test mission in Multiplayer and the Tpod slews but is way off the target. So I need to undesignate and slew manually. Is there a problem with the Tpod in multiplayer?
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