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  1. Im 3462, I didnt think a the slew control on the WH could be as bad as my old X-55, turns out its worse, but a cheap fix for an otherwise excellent stick is worth waiting for!
  2. Mine just arrived, Looks brand new to me, no signs of use anywhere, ~Thanks again!!
  3. Nice one! Was about to blow a lot more for one on Fleabay, Thank you for bothering with the link!!
  4. Holy crap!! Its insane, at 43 new experiences do not come along very often, let alone the feeling of owning and flying my own spitfire, Im blown away
  5. I Also was pushed off the fence by the latest price drop, I got everything home and setup last night but couldnt get DCS to work, I got into the main menu but cannot interact with the options, although they highlight blue when I mouse over, I cannot actually click on them, I tried various controllers and the mouse but nothing worked. Im sure im doing something wrong and did not spend much time trying to fix it last night as there was too much else to see (if DCS feels as good as Elite, Ill be very happy!) Has anyone else overcome this problem already?
  6. Probably the easiest way is to email them to yourself, I use dropbox which is a pretty simple app, but emailing would be simplest i guess
  7. Id be interested, competent in A-10c, a bit of a liability in a Huey :)
  8. Im was also struggling with this, now I just untether the TGP reticle, place it over a label with a combination of flight direction and slew to lock it in place then enter a circle pattern and fine tune the TGP, It feels like cheating though!
  9. I have the X-55, which has two throttles, As above, I very rarely use them independently, maybe two or three times in the case of engine damage, but this has yet to result in a successful restart so served no purpose really.
  10. Hi Brixmis, I did jump on thursday night, but I think I was just going on as you were shutting the server down, hope to catch you next week. Rob.
  11. I spent a lot of time researching before I got my X55 late last year, I would say the stick IS a compromise, the Warthog is universally rated as the current cream of the joystick crop, but its hellishly expensive, way too much for a 'casual' flyer like me. The X55 is a very good stick, I use it for A10-c and Elite dangerous and apart from the ubiquitous nipple, and the release switch location (which you do kind of get used to) it does everything I would expect it to do. I cannot for the life of me get the profile software to work under win 10 though, the beta drivers didnt help much, so I dont use a profile (though I do use track IR). So I would say, unless you are going to be spending a LOT of time and/or have very deep pockets, its a worthy purchase vs the Warthog. Hope that helps!
  12. Glad you got it working, ill be back soon, Cheers!
  13. I remember typing in a Sim on my ZX81 from a magazine, It took about a week to type on the crappy membrane keyboard, then about another week to debug and get it working, it was crap. Then I got the Psion Flight sim (nice link earlier!) I really got into Sims playing an Apache Sim* for the Spectrum though, then a raft of sims on the Amiga then PC, The Rowan games and a game on the Amiga where you had to manage a band of mercenaries, cant remember the name though Edit: *Gunship maybe!
  14. Thanks! Ill try to jump on tonight, I have teamspeak as im part of an Arma3 Clan, Do in need plugins etc?
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