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  1. Thank you. Great job! But I get "strange fence square patterns " in some places?
  2. Well that's how “Central position trimmer mode” works with pedals. I don't have to keep it twisted all the time.
  3. It also decelerates very slowly in VTOL when landing with 82 degrees - nozzles, even with full forward nozzles it's hard to slow down. Can't be right to take out 82 deg. nozzles before the 90 in CASE 1, otherwise you overfly the hoover-spot, when manual states doing it in the groove?
  4. That's the way it is in RL, you only get distance no bearing to the tanker, just like "yardstick".
  5. F-18, if you press "sequence" on the HSI MAP, the F10 generated WP's will disappear.
  6. What's the name for the "Landing light on/off" switch in the "Controls" assignments?...I can't find it.
  7. HSI course knob is very slow. Unnecessarily time consuming when flying a heli. Please make it spin faster, like in the Mi-8.
  8. How would he determine which program/interval/series to use? IMO this needs to be determined by a human, not AI who don't even know the mission goals & tactics OP +1000 it's crucial in MP!
  9. Yeah the controls bindings are messy, Pilot & Gunner control-assignments are put together in "Mi-24p Sim". There are no 2 separate cockpits controls like in the F-14. We need 2 separate cockpit controls, I've run out of joy buttons already.
  10. Congratulations ED to a well done job! The Mi-24 is so far awesome.
  11. It's awesome, after testing it for 2 days (14d trail) I liked it & bought it today. Petro is very nice, attacking with the Hind is a blast, FM has character! Can't wait for further development features. Congratulations ED to a very good release!
  12. Pros: The AP will hold the heading you're on when you release the trim-button. Good for "straight forward heading-hold" flight. Cons: Not so good in hover, slow-flight, flying sideways etc. Since you'll fight the AP YAW commanded heading. I prefer to fly with YAW-AP off. That way it behaves like the Mi-8 & Uh-1.
  13. CCIP works OK with S-5/8 & guns on my end. S-24 I cant get ccip. Just make sure you select the pre-made weapon-loadouts. Don't put things on the hardpoints yourself.
  14. Hey Mike I don't experience any hook-skips when fast/slow? Can you take a look? Great job with the "burble"!. (I thought it was better to start a new topic.) I
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