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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcqHdkvsTMR/ Black Shark 3 Teaser... Amazing details
  2. But it would still be quite nice to have the option in game.. so +1
  3. When you open the door, the handle is pulled upward to unlock the door and then you open the door. However when you close the pilot door the handle is pushed forward to lock the door and then the door closes.
  4. I am looking for a comprehensive Jester flowchart or something like that. There are new undocumented options under the Jetse menu. Undocumented as in, "I can't find any references to them in the manual at heatblur.se or CHuck's guide
  5. This.. We do this for fun. More realism is fun and good up to a point. When you're flying your hands and fingers have muscle memory. You have physical feedback, you feel the jolts, G, turbulence and aceleration.. You feel the rudders vibrating. When you need to hit switch you glance at it out of the corner of your eye. Other switches or dials you can find blindfolded. Cockpit setup is done with 2 hands sometimes.. And then compare real life with flying in front of a 27" screen with a generic hotas and fiddling with the mouse while trying not to move your head to hit just this one switch. When I compare setting up a plane I fly in real life compared to a sim, I find it quite a bit more taxing in the sim. So I think that a "cheat" would be quite welcome to make the A-4E more flyable and enjoyable. And I do have the A-4E under control on the carrier fyi.
  6. Actually all it does is akin to what the MiG-15 and the Yak-52 does. You apply brake through a keybind and whatever rudder is pressed will receive the brakepressure. What I am suggesting is to have a "cheat key" that will cancel the castering nosewheel and enable actual nosewheelsteering. I don't consider this a cheat. Heck, we fly a simulator on a PC. We don't have a nosewheel steering bar dude out there to help us. Why make things unnecessarily difficult?
  7. I love the realism wrt the nosewheel steering. As you can see in the following video, in real life they had probs on the carrier as well and needed a steering bar to help the A-4E on the cat. Since we don't have that help in the game I think it would be ok to have the option of a simplified nosewheelsteering. Either as a default option, or as in other modules with a NWS button.
  8. What was the C-101 trailer vs release date? Anyone know? Might give us a bit of insight into what time frame we might expect.
  9. Support the cause! Get them all! I know I will..
  10. I've been following this youtube channel for a long time now. It has amazing F-4EJ footage.. It's the closest to F-4 pRON I can find. Since it features the last flights of the Japanese Phantoms it also contains a bunch of different liveries which I hope will make this post fit with the threads subject.
  11. Using the in-game voice the ICS Cold switch doesn't always work properly. At times we could hear ech other on cold, other times the ICS was muted.
  12. I appreciate you answering. It however doesn't answer the question. The only thing you can take away from it is that the SC isn't abandoned. It doesn't reflect well on ED however that since the release 18 months ago there have been just a few items added. None of them any major features as were promised.
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