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  1. Currently, unless I am mistaken, you need to authorize every single target for him to engage. Once he destroys it you have to look at the same area, de-slave, scroll through list for next target, confirm the next target. Then repeat this for however many targets there are. This is massively distracting especially for the Apache, as mostly I just want him to kill whatever is in the target area while I focus on flying. I don't want to have to slew my helmet towards the target area between every kill and handhold him for the next target. This was kind of irrelevant with the Hind since you usually engaged only like 1 or 2 targets per run anyway, but the Ah64 can just sit there and kill 16 targets back to back. I want this to happen fast and efficiently, not having to give him written consent for every individual target. Obviously this also goes for the gun, when flying over a target area with multiple light targets, authorizing each truck/infantry to shoot at is nearly impossible especially when I'm focussed on flying. Plus I can't even really see down there like he can. I should be able to permit him to just engage everything in a certain area and search & destroy targets himself, or is this already possible in some way?
  2. Guys, a full rocket pod is almost 150lbs heavier than 4 hellfires. Yes rockets are worthless in DCS, until they add some kind of suppresion mechanic or better area damage there isn't much point aside from roleplaying the real thing.
  3. So at 5:15, 'the IFF panel is not simulated and can be ignored', what does this mean? So it does have IFF but not modelled in the game, or does the plane use a simplified IFF that does not require this panel? Or is it something else alltogether? I thought from other posts its not supposed to have IFF at all?
  4. Thanks for taking a look, either way the functional new modes are a great addition to the JF.
  5. Added: AG radar MAP freeze mode. From the last patch notes. I believe this functionality was already there the previous patch so what exactly does this add? What I noticed before is that you could not target on the frozen 'picture' of the radar in the JF17. Looking at the F16 radar, it does allow targeting from the frozen display, at 7:55. Is this the same functionality added for the JF? Should it be able to do that? Being able to target on the frozen picture would be incredibly useful, and would likely be possible for such a modern plane right?
  6. Not sure if it's relevant but GBU16/MK83 had issues last I tried, you can break them with too much G despite being in the correct A2G/1 (?) mode. Put some MK82, MK83 and MK84 on your plane, pull some Gs and the MK83/GBU16 will be the only ones that start giving errors.
  7. Gotcha, thanks. I was pretty confused here as I understood this was already fixed forever ago but just needed to be implemented.
  8. Half the time when I trim it still makes the Hind wildly lurch in pitch or roll, throwing you completely off target and forcing you to re-trim. Was this not a bug that was supposed to have been addressed in a patch over a month ago?
  9. Known issue: C802AK cannot acquire targets. From latest changelog.
  10. Ah ok, my timelines were off then. I assumed there was more time in between. Hopefully see another hotfix next week.
  11. So we had another patch with some stuff being corrected, but no changes mentioned to the AP on trim and no changes apparent ingame. Can we get some clarity on what the status of this is? If it was simply forgotten then why wasn't it added in the hotfix? What is currently the expected date to have the trimmer issues resolved? Do I need to turn on google translate and dive into the Russian forum?
  12. Which type of trimming do you use? I was trying it and there was still some, though perhaps not as bad as it used to be. It's been a really long time since I last flew the mi8, I vaguely recall there being zero movement after trimming.
  13. Yeah I just reloaded all the controls, they still work without issues seems like. Probably anything that was moved between menus is an issue, but sounds like they just wanted to re-name them and thought it was worth deleting your full controls for.
  14. If you haven't got any backups, I'd guess not. I did but no idea what happens when I drop them back in.
  15. Does trimming now not make the heli lurch constantly forcing you to trim again? Still dling.
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