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  1. Good to see you still around too m8 :) I wasnt around actually..Just poped my head in here 2 days ago
  2. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    ditto.. not taller tho.. but fatter :)
  3. You guys are forgetting one very important factor!. Iraq is an arab nation. Iran is Persian. Believe me its a BIG factor. Wars results depends on people's characters at the end. No matter how superior weapons the others side have. History proved that countless times. I will not go on and say that iran can defeat USA or something. I am just saying that the war with Iran will not be same as war with Iraq. At Iraq the army of them almost totally "vanished" at the moment USA tanks started to roll. They even burried their migs and sukhois to the sand. Like i said. The war with Iran would be nothing like the war with Iraq. My 2 cents..
  4. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    Its a huge team effort bro..and you are part of that team! good to hear ppl still enjoying it.:) and good to hear from you..
  5. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    oohh dude.. Its really nice to hear from you too. Its all ok here.. How are you? Still making ppl crazy with your endless bug catching?
  6. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    nope..not yet.. but i will
  7. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    hey you all.. gang is still here then :)
  8. Yeniceri

    Hey there

    I missed you guys.. How are you all ? :)
  9. Those are exactly the kind we need right now Lucky.. Ground level buildings.. Thank you soo much :)
  10. now i am on my home puter and i still have no problem seeing it!.. open to any solution advices here!
  11. this is weird really.. I try again and again as guest and it works!! Guests at simmoders.com can look at the forum, they just cant reply!.. Did you try going directly to the site and look from there?
  12. Weird.. i just visited the page as a guest!
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