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  1. While the KGJ600 jamming pod does a great job ranging to enemy aircraft, in the testing I've done with both enemy fighters and SAMs, it doesn't seem to actually protect you. When I activate it and and it shows as JAM/JAMMING on the MFD, it never actually changes the lock on or shoot range of the enemy, and strangely it seems to be either jamming or disabling my own RWR, as I don't get tracking or launch indications from enemy aircraft - even Su-27s shooting R-27ERs. Does anyone know what's up?
  2. Now we all have had some time, what is everyone's thoughts on the SD-10 post-launch? Has there been a nerf? How does it compare to the AIM-120C?
  3. Great twitch video from XCOM on the SD-10, He's getting 40nm kills against a manoeuvring AI F-15. Looks like it's significantly outperforming the AMRAAM
  4. I've seen the video where it showcases data collection etc, but can anyone answer what it's features are when actively jamming? Or will it be as simplified as on/off like with every other aircraft in DCS?
  5. Well the Mirage IIIE/C both have radars for a start. the C model is the fighter variant, whereas the E model is more multirole-focused, so it has a navigation radar, TACAN, and other associated avionics.
  6. Could you possibly post the list Cobra? I'd love to know if there is an Aussie one in there
  7. Instead of mashing the trigger, is there a way to fire them more or less at the same time? Hard to hit anything otherwise
  8. Thanks for the great response! Certainly seems like a good system, especially for the time! I imagine the gun pods are aimed in a similar fashion?
  9. Can't quite figure out how they were aimed, was there a CCIP reticle?
  10. Please make those Australian ones Leatherneck!!!
  11. An Australian one? The RAAF had the Viggen as one of the options for our Mirage III replacement
  12. In the book "Hornet Country", which details the F-18 in Australian service, it describes how test pilots mentioned that the Mirage 2000 had "the most beautiful handling characteristics of any performance aircraft I have ever flown", and this was in comparison to the F-18, F-16, and of course the Mirage III. So it stands to reason that the Mirage in DCS handles so easily, because it's the same in real life.
  13. There's no way your Magic will fire 23km, how the seeker head would even get a lock at that range is beyond me. Are you sure you aren't talking about the Matra Super 530? That's the radar guided missile.
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