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  1. More like the current hornet will come out of beta :pilotfly:
  2. i dont want to tell anyone, i am just interested in how much time i have spent "playing" the sim. its is very similar in idea to an online id for ps or xbox, pretty pointless but still allows tracking of time spent etc
  3. Leave the flaps on auto, that what I do anyway. Any plane turning will bleed if it is beyond a certain rate, so you either need to stay below that rate, expend some energy to retain speed (drop altitude) or exchange energy for nose position (bleed speed). The key is to know when to ease off the stick and regain some energy. Dogfighting is all energy and angles. Trading one for the other. Don't try to out turn the guy in one turn (unless you have all aspect missiles which you dont in F5E) but try to gain some angles on him. Or unless you have a big energy advantage over the bogey. This is a great video, Also I advise you find a copy of Fighter Combat and tactics by Robert Shaw, its great :D
  4. This might be a thing already, but often when I'm dogfighting in the vertical the sun blinds me, and I'm not even using VR... Is there a visor that I can enable or could there be one?
  5. Hi, wondering if it would be possible for the ED website that holds accounts etc to have an online log book too?
  6. Are there any NDBs that can actually be tuned to by the F5s radio? I have noticed that all the ones I have tried to use have been far too low frequency, and thus haven't used them at all. With regard to navigation I often find if I am drifting off course a quick "inbound" call to an airstrip can provide me with enough info to work with.
  7. i have f5e, m2k, f15c that i fly regular and i dont need the keyboard for anything except radio and throttle off for powering down engines at the end of a flight in the f5e, i think i might even have that mapped in the m2k!!!
  8. i fly m2k with it and i have lots mapped even stuff like master arm and guns arm. I have some of the stores mapped too. I have set things i use for all the modules, such as both modifiers and button 8 as knee board on and off, I also dont use track ir or vr so the hat is my view, use one modifier with hat for radar slew, and the other modifier for trim, i use both modifiers and the hat for rudder trim. i do this for all modules.
  9. i use it, i use the 2 buttons (9 and 10) on the back of the throttle as modifiers and that gives me 40 buttons and 4 hats. 10 buttons with no modifier, 10 with button 9, 10 with button 10 and 10 with both 9+10. the stick is a bit creaky, probably needs opening up a greasing but other than that i think its great for the price (mine was free so even better!)
  10. this is amazing, i am working my way through the f5e annotated and they are great; simple and fun! great for practicing the basics, lots of dead reckoning and getting the timing of the circuits ready to land on perfect time! Very fun, thank you for making this :D
  11. ah awesome thanks :thumbup: i missed that update
  12. Sorry if this has been asked already, I cant seem to find it anywhere so thought I would ask here. No bashing, genuinely love this module but do we have a general idea of when the EFM will be ready for us to try? Like I said I'm not being pushy or anything, just curious? Excited too :D
  13. Yeah it said that in the last episode, she was the first ever female fighter pilot to intercept a Russian bomber. Yeah that landing was pretty nuts! The centrifuge guy I felt for, I was really routing for him as well lol! The BFM and ACM flights were pretty cool. Made me really regret not applying for the RAF when I was a teenager! Oh well, at least I can fly in DCS :-D
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