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  1. Just started this today, will see how Mission 2 goes. I see everyone talking about it. Mission 1 was a success. I did get enemy tracks NE from WP3, downed 2 of 3 L-39s out there. You may need to change your Radar elevation to see them. The CAP ALT for Mission 1 is FL260 but these L-39s were hugging the Mountains at about 12k ducking in and out so if you are scanning at 26 you will not see them.
  2. Here are a couple of my favorites during flights with friends. There are truly some amazing shots in this topic. Keep it up all!
  3. Haha, I just seen the Duluth 16s during a recent training exercise they were doing with my unit. Good looking livery.
  4. I am a fan of all the Aggressors used at Nellis. They definitely have some unique liveries that I personally think are amazing. I enjoy flying the Aggressor role and would love to see them, below are just a few of my favorites.
  5. I was in VFA-2, although not the Tomcat our Super Hornets were painted exactly the same so if you need some source photos of up close let me know. I have tons of them.
  6. I just gave it a try and I am happy to report that it worked like a charm! Thank you again for the advice.
  7. Thank you for the insight, I will give it a try and see what happens that route. And to answer the first part yes, it is only me currently testing a mission I am building on my two machines. One is my server and one is a client but no matter which one I host the mission on the result is the same. I did have one other person test it to see and they seen the same thing I did, Aviano skins. Thanks again, I will give that a try.
  8. So, I figured I would post a couple of pics since I probably did not explain it very well. I just started my server and hosted the mission in MP. These photos were taken within second of each other, one on my server, the other on my gamer (client) machine. If I switch them around and host the mission on my gamer and connect via my server the results are switched but the same none the less. Basically any machine hosting the mission shows up correct but no client does except for the Ai flight that spawns in 10 min into the mission.
  9. So this has been quite frustrating honestly. I have spent the last three days trying to figure out in the mission I built why I cannot get some F-16 Aggressor skins to display across a MP network. Back story: Built the mission, tested it on both of my machines (Server, and Gamer) in SP mode and skins all show up as they should on the ramp NTTR. Static and the Ai flight that I have spawn in. As soon as I host a MP session with the exact same mission, the skins for the static Aggressors goes to the default Aviano skins. However, the Ai flight that I have spawn in show up as the Aggressors. Furthermore, the machine that is hosting the mission whether it be my Gamer or my actual Server machine will show the paints correctly, only client machines trying to connect will not see the paints as they are. Everyone has the paints installed in the proper folders and no file names were changed in the process. I am simply confused as to how the paints show correctly in SP on either of my machines, and the Ai Flight shows correctly on both machines in SP and MP session, but when hosting a MP session the static only show correctly for the machine hosting the mission and not any of the clients.........so confusing and takes so much away from the immersion level for NTTR. It would not be Nellis without Aggressors and the fact DCS only provides us with I believe two separate paints to use just ins't enough. So we go download stuff in hopes that it brings us more immersion and get a crazy bug like this. Very well could be operator error also, definitely not off the table! So far I have tried using USAF and USAF Aggressors in the selection for the mission to try and get them to display correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The skins pack I am referring to can be found here in case anyone is wondering what I am speaking of. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=220309 I can provide mission files, pictures, whatever is needed to help with this.
  10. Also just wanted to add that the texture fix provided did work for me as I also noticed the missing texture file. All good to go on that now if I can simply figure out why they are only being seen on whichever one of my machines is hosting whether my gamer or my server but it cannot be seen once I use machine to log into the other. Thanks again, the paints look ABSOLUTELY fantastic! Too bad we do not have any F-22, F-35, F/A-18E or F or EA-18G models yet to use.
  11. Just a quick question, is anyone having issues using these in MP missions? I cannot seem to get mine to show correctly in MP. I added them to the mission and I can see them on the machine hosting the mission whether it's my gamer or my host but when trying to connect to the host machine it has them in the server correctly, but my gamer then has them defaulted back to Aviano. A couple of other things that are weird is I even tried using one of the default DCS Skins and even those are defaulting back to Aviano. I left my mission run for a few minutes to see if the Ai I have spawning in come in correct and those show up as they should with these Aggressor textures. It seems to only be affecting the static display ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Gents, I know this is quite a old topic but I am really trying to understand why the Aggressor paints I downloaded will not show up in MP only on client machines. So the paints are installed on my server machine as well as my gamer. If I run the mission in Single Player on my gamer the paints show up fine, when I host a MP session on my gamer (with no one connected) they show up fine. The problem comes in when I host the mission in MP on my server machine myself nor anyone who connects to it can see the paints and it always defaults back to Aviano paint. I even tried using a default block 52 F-16 that comes with DCS and still comes up as Aviano paint. Very similar to what is being described above. So basically I can see them on all machines, just not when hosting on my server and connecting to it, they are displayed correctly on the server, I can see them exactly as what they should be just not on my gamer once connected. Sorry if this sounds confusing, just frustrated because I spent almost 6 hours now trying to figure out why they show up one way and not the other and came across this topic. I truly hope someone will be able to give me a hand.
  13. Much appreciated all for the feedback
  14. Ok this might be a silly question but where is the briefing package for the Red Flag campaign located? I have searched all over my computer and cannot find it. I keep failing mission 1 cause I cannot see what the briefing is for it. It just says to refer to briefing package. Is it available for download someplace that I did not see or maybe a folder I just have not found yet. Thanks all for any help.
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