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  1. Thanks a lot guys! I managed to get the DL-Size down to about 6GB using your advice.
  2. Hi Guys, I apologize if this has been adressed elsewhere. I have a question regarding transitioning to 2.5. As of now I have the 2.5 Beta (with Caucasus) as well as the 2.3(?) Alpha with Normandy and NTTR installed on my system. Strangely, when I try to install Normandy/NTTR through the 2.5 module manager, the installer starts redownloading everything (+/- 45GB). Understandably, I'd like to avoid that if possible. This may be because I copied both installations over from another PC a while back. Is there a way to point the installer in the right direction, or to copy the necessary folders manually? Also, after I am done migrating, what is the proper way of removing the no longer needed Alpha installation without losing activations? Thanks for any pointers!
  3. I think we need a fictional StarWars Rebel Alliance skin. Because if the X-Wing fighter were a Jet, the Viggen is what it would look like. I sure am gonna feel like Luke in the ditch of the Deathstar when I am skimming the waves headed for the soviet fleet ;-)
  4. Dear Ranger 79, I just got done with the last mission and I have to say that your campaign is among the best fun I had with this sim since I bought it a year and a half ago. The attention to detail that you put into this thing is simply amazing. Your military experience really shines through. Here are some things I especially liked: - The CAS and Mission tasking is very accurate. I never had any trouble locating the targets I was asked to kill. In large parts because of the extensive supplemental documetation and the outstanding voiceovers. Sometimes I have trouble spotting targets because of the sub par system I am running, with your campaign this was a non issue. - The supplemental Docs are very comprehensive, amazing in quality and really enhance the experience. - Immersion is excellent. There is always something going on. The voiceovers are great. - Even if the later flights into russia are long, they get never dull. - The setting of the campaign is very adequate given the current geopolitical situation (ISIS, Syria etc.) - Overall difficulty was very adequate. There's always a challange, yet you're never asked to do something impossible. I managed to complete most missions on the first try. I think I only had to refly Missions 2 (because of the bug I reported), 5, 8 and 14. Mission 14 was the biggest challange for me, because I suck at bombing armor with MK-82s and I ran out of 30mm (rockets are useless anyway). After finishing off all targets I managed to hit the tanker with about 500lbs in the tanks. Phew. - Missions 5, 10, 11 and 15 I liked the best. If I had to pick one, it'd be Mission 10. Strafing that blue sedan on the railroad tracks certainly felt satisfying. - In most cases I don't really dig "Gung-Ho bravado". But in the case of your campaign it somehow didn't feel out of place. By mission 10 it actually grew on me. Probably because the voiceactors do a superb job. - I really liked the "end credits message". It added a personal touch. In closing I just want to thank you for creating this amazing campaign, I can't recommend it enough. I am certainly going to buy your next piece of work.
  5. It's been a while since I played the Red Flag campaign. I don't remember having problems in that regard. On the other hand I do have the "updates from other flights" radio option disabled. Maybe that might help to declutter radio traffic…
  6. Thank you for being so responsive and openminded for suggestions.
  7. It's good to know, that the issue is being looked into. Thanks for that. Also, thank you for the workaround, Big Newy. :thumbup: Concerning being bumped back to the campaign start: I realize that it adds to the challenge. However, I like the "Maple Flag" approach better. You start every mission with a score of 50. For campaign progression a minimum score of 75 is required. Of course if you really mess up (you die, blue on blue, whatever), your score goes down and you go back to the previous mission. But if you just have to abort a mission i.e. for "domestic reasons" :music_whistling:or the situation that prompted me to open this thread, you still get to keep your score of 50 and can refly the mission. Much less frustrating. Just my 2 cents.
  8. After the detainee flight had landed, I got clearance and the Follow-Me started to pull ahead. So I started to taxi. This is when -3 crashed into the car. After that the whole C-130 situation happens. Once this was finished ("open mic" message), we got ordered back to the parking spots, but the Baawwss (Whiplash-1) overruled the Base authorities, who promptly gave us clearance to continue to taxi, but the above described disaster ensued.
  9. In Mission 2 after I started to taxi behind the Follow Me Car (before the C-130 crash), my Wingman (dash 3) crashed in to his follow me car, resulting into him getting stuck on the wreckage. At this point wingman -2 had already merged into the taxiway right in front of my follow me car. After the Hercules crashes on final and the Mission Commander overrules the airport authorities, we are supposed to continue taxiing to the active runway. However, the wingman in front of me wouldn't move. Having nowhere to go, I had to try to squeeze past my follow me and my wingman. I got past the car just fine but got stuck on the Hawg, which promptly exploded ending the mission for me as well. Has anybody else had similar problems? Also, I realize that scoring is nessecary and motivating part of this campaign, but not beeing able to simply restart the flight without being bounced back to the previous mission is really frustrating given the circumstances.
  10. I just thougt I'd leave these here. They are from a recent museum visit. Might not be the exact versions you're going for though…
  11. Knock Knock Knock Knock! Who's there? The Swiss Air Police! PS. Thanks to CHSubZero for the awesome Livery!
  12. Same issue here. Makes the A-10 almost uplayable for me. :-(
  13. Hey Baltic, Even if I have been flying the A-10C for quite a while now, I am quite sure, I'll get this campaign. There's always something more to learn. I found your Enemy Whithin very enjoyable and well made. Also, kudos for chosing Iron Maiden for the trailer!
  14. As Eddie said, the key is to keep your situational awareness. The most dangerous sam launches are the ones you don't see. Also, your MWS has blindspots and isn't 100% foolproof. Find out where the threats are (threat hierarchy) and work out a gameplan. Markpoints help a great deal. Work your way from highest to lowest threat. Try to take them out with Mavericks from standoff range for starters. For dealing with IR-Sams this video helped me a ton (thanks Ralfidude!). Stick to CM program C, chop the throttles, flares out, evade. I used to get shot down by those all the time, now they rarely get me. I am less proficient with evading radar sams still. Though I find that beaming and doing split-S type maneuvers (if I have the altitude) seems to work quite well. If I am close to the ground I try to use terrain masking.
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