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  1. Having seen the whopping performance enhancement Vulkan brings Doom 2016, it can't come soon enough.
  2. I'll be buying this as well. Despite some of the histrionics to the contrary, there is a space for civilian planes in this sandbox.
  3. I'd be interested to know how much more detailed the new mesh is. Have they said what resolution it is compared to the old one?
  4. In addition to Roblex's advice about picking off the 109 going for your wingman first, I've found that a) if you put a bit of distance between you and the second 109 he'll go for your wingman instead giving you a better opportunity to get behind him (if your wingman is still alive) and b) if you stay behind the second 109 in the horizontal while he's going up and down in the vertical he will eventually disengage and run for home (is fuel burn modelled in the AI? they don't seem to need to worry about any other physics!!) and you can follow them at a distance and pick them off as they prepare to land. It won't leave you feeling very heroic but it's another option...
  5. scotchegg


    Good response to customer requests there.
  6. scotchegg


    I'd also be interested to know if the manual will be updated to reflect updates (new systems etc.) to the module?
  7. Sad to say but I fully support ED's decision and frankly, if the contract did indeed have productivity / deliverables expectations as most contracts do, the fact this comes as a surprise to VEAO management doesn't do anything to inspire confidence in their ability to manage any of these projects to an acceptable quality / timeframe. Hopefully this is (at last) the kick in the pants they need to start actually delivering on at least some of the quite grandiose promises they've made in the past. I sincerely hope they can as they seem like a cool bunch of nerds with some very cool goals, but they're gonna have to work hard to regain trust and contracts.
  8. Yeah, I think we all get that it's an alpha. Surely detailing what behavior seems abnormal is potentially useful for devs...?
  9. Ok, thanks for that. It's only really with the Normandy map out that I've started to play around much with the Mk9 so a lot to learn. I think I've seen some people talking about keeping rads open manually when fighting but I think I'll try and up my temp-management game first. Anyway, cheers for the info. Hello Jose, you old dog! Have you got the Normandy map? Absolutely amazing. Not sure if the moon phases are all correct for 1944 though:):):):)
  10. Ok. Does that mean the radiator won't open until it gets to 115(?!), or that I shouldn't be letting my temps get up that high in the first place? Are manual rads even available in the mk9? (Sorry, I know that info is probably available in the manual...)
  11. My rads don't seem to be opening even when temps go up to about 90. Not helped by the fact that in the 2v2 dogfighting mission the wingman invariably dies in the first couple of minutes, quickly leading to a 2v1 situation...:(
  12. Yep, same here. Especially noticeable in the dogfighting mission.
  13. Nothing here either. We dont have to reinstall DCS World 2 do we...?
  14. Nah, States'll be hammering the servers then so it'll be a more stressful feeling of being near, but yet oh so far.
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